Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sports Quiz- 10 Questions-26 August

1. L.B.W is related to which sports ? Cricket
2. Which city hosted Olympic games 2012 ? London
3. From when Cricket world Cup started ? 1975
4. ACE is related to which sports ? Tennis
5. Standard width of the lane is how much ? 1.22 to 1.25 m
6. How many time Rafael Nadal has won french times ? 9
7. What are the standard distance of hurdler race for men ? 110  and 400mts
8. In Olympic swimming medley, in which order the swimmers swim ? Butterfly-Back stroke-Breast stroke-free style
9. What are the standard dimensions of Basketball court, for Olympic and world tournament ? 28m*14m
10. What was the first sport in which women were invited to compete at Olympics? Tennis


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