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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

United Nations Organizations :Organs, Specialized Organizations

  1.  After first World War which organizations was formed of International standard ? League of Nations.
  2. When was UNO established ? 1945 October 24
  3. How many countries gathered to establish UNO ? 51
  4. Where is the head quarter of UNO ? New York
  5. How many languages are approved for UNO ? English,French,Chinese,Russian,Spanish and Arabic
  6. What are the official languages of UNO ? English and French
  7. How many members are there in Security Council ? 15 (5 Permanent and 10 Temporary)
  8. Name the 5 permanent members of security council ? America,Russia,Britain,France and China
  9. Which member state first used their veto power ? Britain
  10. Which member country have used their veto power for most time ? Russia

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