Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vegetation of Nepal

  • Total forest area of Nepal ? 29%
  • Vegetation of Nepal is divided in how many parts ?
  1. Tropical Evergreen Forest (Up to 1200 m)
  2. Temperate Deciduous Forest (1201 to 2100 m)
  3. Temperate Evergreen Coniferous Forest(2101 to 3350 m)
  4. Alpine Grass Lands(3351 to 5000 m)
  5. Cold Desert Vegetation (5501 to 8448 m)
  • "CHAR KOSHE JHADI" falls in which types of Vegetation? Tropical Evergreen Forest
  • Moss and Lichen are found in which type of vegetation's ? Cold Desert Vegetation
  • Which development region is rich in Natural resources? Far Western Development region
  • How much percent of Far Western Region is covered by Forest ? 48.7%
  • From when Community Forest Development Programme was launched in Nepal ? Fiscal Year 2049/50 BS
  • How much forest was destroyed form 2020 to 2041 B.S ? 8 Lakh Hector
  • As per Economic Survey 2068/69 how many community forest are there in Nepal ? 15,535
  • Yearly 27000 hector of forest are being destroyed but how much hector is replanted ? 4 thousand hector.
  • When was Forest ministry established in Nepal ? 2008 B.S

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