Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dashain- Victory of God over Demons

Dashain commemorates a great victory of the gods over the wicked demons. One of the victory stories told is the Ramayan, where the lord Ram after a big struggle slaughtered Ravana, the fiendish king of demons. It is said that lord Ram was successful in the battle only when goddess Durga was evoked. The main celebration glorifies the triumph of good over evil and is symbolized by goddess Durga slaying the terrible demon Mahisasur, who terrorised the earth in the guise of a brutal water buffalo. The first nine days signify the nine days of ferrous battle between goddess Durga and the demon Mahisasur. The tenth day is the day when Mahisasur was slain and the last five days symbolise the celebration of the victory with the blessing of the goddess. Dashain is celebrated with great rejoice, and goddess Durga is worshiped throughout the kingdom as the divine mother goddess.

Source: Visit Nepal

Friday, September 22, 2017

GK- September 21

  1. What is the theme of National Children day 2074 ? - बालमैत्री शासन : बलाधिकरको सम्मान 
  2. When is national children day celebrated in Nepal ? Bhadra 29
  3. When did North Korea experimented Ballistic missiles over Japan Sky ? 2017 Sep 15. 
  4. What was the range of missile experimented by N.Korea ? The missile traveled 3700km from the altitude of 770 KM and dropped over ocean near Hokkaido. 
  5. Who is called Mahakavi of Nepal Bhasa ? - Siddhidas Amatya
  6. When and where was PATA Travel Mart -2017 organized ? 13-15 Sep 2017, Macau
  7. When did PM of Nepal departed to New York to take part in UN assembly ? 2074 Asoj 3
  8. When was sixth Nepal- Africa film festival organized in Kathmandu ? 2074 Asoj 2-4
  9. World Literacy day is celebrated on ? September 8
  10. Where is head quarter of Interpol ? Leon , France

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SAARC GK- 30 Questions- 19 September

  1. Full form of SAARC ? South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
  2. Who first introduced the concept of SAARC ? Bangladeshi President Ziaur Rahaman
  3. When did Ziaur Rahaman first introduced the model of SAARC ? 2 May 1980
  4. When was SAARC established ? 8 Dec 1985
  5. How many founder member are there in SAARC ? 7
  6. Name the seven founder states of SAARC ? India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Maldives and Bhutan
  7. How many members are there in SAARC  ?8
  8. Which is the latest country to be member state of SAARC ? Afghanistan
  9. Which SAARC summit decided  Afghanistan as new member of SAARC ? 13
  10. Officially from which SAARC summit Afghanistan took part in summit ? 14
  11. Which is the biggest SAARC country? India (Population and also Area), 3287263 Sq. KM
  12. Second biggest SAARC country ? Pakistan (796095 Sq. Km)
  13. Biggest lake of SAARC ? Chilka Lake, India
  14. Where is "Takshyashila " located ? Pakistan
  15. Which is the second biggest peak after Mt. Everest in the world ? Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori (8611 m 28251ft). Pakistan
  16. How many landlocked country are there in SAARC  ? 3 (Nepal,Bhutan and Afghanistan)
  17. Which is the third nearest country of Nepal after India and China ? Bangladesh
  18. What is the total area of Bangladesh ? 143998 Sq. Km
  19. From which country Bangladesh separated to become independent country ? Pakistan in 1971 A.D
  20. Srilanka is also known as previously ? Silon
  21. What is the area of Srilanka ? 65610 Sq. Km
  22. Which SAARC  country is also called as land of thunder storm ?  Bhutan
  23. Total area of Bhutan ? 46620 Sq. Km
  24. Total area of Nepal ? 147181 Sq. Km
  25. Total area of Maldives ? 298 Sq. Km
  26. Who made the logo of SAARC  ? Sailendra Maharjan (Nepal)
  27. Nearest capital city of SAARC country from Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal)?- Thimpu (400km)
  28. Most far capital city from Kathmandu ? Male (2760 Km)
  29. How far is Delhi,Dhaka,Islamabad,Colombo and Kabul from Kathmandu ? 790 km, 630 Km,1380 Km, 2320 km and 1710km
  30. National flower of India ? Lotus

Thursday, September 14, 2017

GK Nepal- 10 Questions -15 September- Knowledge for Self Confidence

1. Full form of DTH ? - Direct TO Home
2. Which sport was first introduced in Olympic for women to compete in Olympic ?-Tennis
3. Which is the second tallest mountain in the world ? -Mount K2 (8611)
4. How many articles are there in SAFTA declarations ? 25
5. Which is also named as twin planet of earth ? - Venus
6. Who is Living Lion of Nepal ? - Amar Singh  Thapa
7. When in International UN day celebrated ?- 24 October
8. SAARC charter day is celebrated on which date ? - December 8
9. How many justices are present in Supreme court in maximum excluding One Chief Justice ? -14
10. First poet of English literature ? - Homer

GKIQ: Government Airlines of SAARC Countries.

GKIQ: Government Airlines of SAARC Countries.: Nepal : Nepal Airline Cooperation India : Indian Airlines Pakistan : Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Srilanka : Air Lankan Bhut...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Most dangerous ant in the world

The most dangerous ant in the world is the bulldog ant found in Australia. In attack using its sting and jaws simultaneously. Its stings a number of times in quick succession and therefore injecting more venom with each bite. In an attack, the ant will hold on to its victim with long, toothed mandibles, curl its body underneath and thrust its long barbless sting into the skin. The ant has also result human fatalities.

Largest egg from a bird living in the World.

The largest egg on record weighed 2.589 kg and was laid by an ostrich  at a farm owned by Kerstin and Gunnar Sahlin (Sweden) in Borlänge, Sweden, on 17 May 2008.


GK-13 September-10 Questions

  1. International Vulture Awareness day is celebrated from which year ? 2009
  2. How many species of Vulture are found in the World and in Asia ? - 22 in World and 9 in Asia
  3. Padmashree Puruskar- 2073 is awarded to which personnel ? Nawaraj Parajuli (सगरमाथाको गहिराई )
  4. Which country presidential  election was disqualified by supreme court and ordered for re election ? Kenya (August 2017)
  5. When did 9th BRICS summit was held ? Sep 2017, Sep 3-5
  6. Name the BRICS member country ? Brazil,Russia,India, China and South Africa
  7. Theme of 9th BRICS summit ? Stronger BRICS Partnership for a Brighter Future
  8. When and where was first BRICS summit was held ? 2009 June 16, Russia
  9. Which check point (नाका ) between Nepal and China has been classified as international check points(नाका )? Rasuwagadi -Kerung naka
  10. When was Rasuwagadi -Kerung naka upgraded to international check point ? 2074 B.S Bhadra 14

Monday, September 11, 2017

UNO-Questions and Aswers

  1. When was UNO established ?24 October 1945
  2. How many countries are founder member of UNO-51
  3. Where is the Head office of UNO- New York, America
  4. How many organs do UNO have ?6
  5. Name the permanent 5 country in security council of UNO ? America,Russia,Britain,France and China

Friday, September 8, 2017

World International Days

  1. Global Family Day: 1 Jan
  2. World Day of Peace: 1 Jan
  3. International Custom Day : 26 Jan
  4. World Leprosy Day : Jan 30
  5. World Wetlands Day: 02 Feb
  6. World Cancer Day: 4 Feb
  7. World Radio Day :14 Feb
  8. International Women Day:  8 March
  9. World Heritage Day :18 April
  10. World Malaria Day: 25 April

Absolute Zero Temperature

Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature where nothing could be colder and no heat energy remains in a substance.It is zero degrees on the Kelvin scale, which translates to -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. Father of Computer: Josh Brown
  2. Father of Science:Thales
  3. Father of Modern Chemistry: Robert Boyle
  4. Father of Politics: Aristotle
  5. Father of Philosophy: Socrates

Thursday, September 7, 2017

GK Nepal-7 August

1. Who started Saturday as public holiday day ?-Bhim Sumser
2. When did French revolution happened ?-1789 A.D
3. Who built Pashupatinath Temple ? -Gopal Dynasty
4. When was Jawalakhel zoo established ?-1997 B.S
5. Who was king of Nepal during Kot Parba ? - Rajendra Shah
6. Who established Gai Jatra festival ? Pratap Malla
7. When was Tri Chandra College established ?
8. When did Madan Bhandari died ?  2050 Jestha 3

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Passport System in Nepal

Who first introduced passport system in Nepal? Bhimsen Thapa (1863 B.S).
Bhimsen Thapa introduced passport system to control the British entry in country.

Best Hour (साइत) for TIKA for Vijaya Dasahami 2074

As per Nepal Calendar Determination Committee ,the best hour (साइत ) of this Dashain 2074 for tika is 11:45 am on Ashoj 14 (September 30, Saturday).

Saturday, September 2, 2017

First Time in Nepal-gk nepal

  1. First daily newspaper of Nepal :- "AWAZ" 2007 B.S Falgun 8
  2. First president of Nepal:- Ram Varan Yadav
  3. First test tube baby: Om Mani Tamang
  4. First Bank: Nepal Bank Limited (1994 Kartik 30)
  5. First lady pilot: Soni Rana

Paddy Cultivation at highest altitude of the World- In Nepal-Gk Nepal

"Jumli marsi (जुम्ली  मार्सी ) " named paddy is cultivated in Patrasi VDC of  Jumla district which is at the altitude of 2850 m above mean sea level and has the record of paddy cultivation at highest altitude in the World. The rice is red and best for rice pudding. 

Some Important Dates in Context to Nepal-GK Nepal

1. Kot Parba (कोत पर्ब ): 1903 B.S Aswin 2
2. Bhandarkhal Parba(भण्डारखाल  पर्ब ): 1903 Kartik 12
3. Makai Parba(मकै  पर्ब ): 1977 B.S
4. Sugauli treaty(सुगौली  सन्धि ) in between Nepal and East India Company: 1873 B.S (3 March 1816 A.D)
5. Publication of Gorkhapatra : 1958 B.S
6. Radio Nepal Establishment: 2007 Chaitra 20:
7. MRP passport in use:2067 Push 9
8. Banned in Public place smoking: 2068 Srawan 22
9. First ATM service: 2061 Jestha 22 (Everest Bank)
10. Announcement of freedom of Kamaiya(कमैया ): 2057 Srawan 2

Climate of Nepal

There are 5 types of Climate found in Nepal. 
1. Sub-tropical Monsoon Climate: From Mean Sea Level to 1200m
2. Warm Temperate Monsoon Climate: 1200 m to 2100 m
3. Cold Temperate Climate:  2100  m to 3300 m
4. Alpine Climate:3300 m to 5000 m
5. Himalayan Climate: Above 5000 m

Quiz 02 Sep - Nepali GK in English-GK Nepal

1. From when Embossed Number plate came in use in Nepal ?  2074 Bhadra 05
2. When did PM of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba departed for friedly visit to Delhi ? 2074 B.S Bhadra 7
3. What is the Power Capacity of Upper Trishuli 3B hydro project? 37MW
4. UEAFA player of the year -2017 is won by which player ? Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Madan Puruskar -2073 is won by Ghanasyam Kandel.
6. Jagadamaba Puruskar -2073 is won by Cartoonist Durga Baral (Vatsyan)
7. How many political party have registered their name for upcoming State election ? 95
8. "Right for Information" was first practice by which country?Sweden
9.  Who is the Attorney General of Nepal ? Basantaram Bhandari
10. As per Custom Department Nepal , Nepal has Business relation with 165 country. With how many countries the business are on profit ? 31
11. "Gaura Parba" is celebrated mostly in which part of Nepal ? Mid Western and Far Western Development Region.
12. Full form of VSAT ? Very Small Aperture Terminal

Friday, September 1, 2017

Current Affairs Quiz August 2017.

1.Which city to host the 2024 Summer Olympics? Paris
2.Who is the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan? Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
3.The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened in which country? Switzerland
4.What is the theme of 2017 World Breastfeeding Week (WBW)? Sustaining Breastfeeding Together
5.According to recently released report-ICT Facts and Figures 2017, India and China are home to 39% of the 830 million young people worldwide who use the internet.
6.Which country to host the 15th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of BIMSTEC countries? Nepal , August 10-11, 2017
7.Which country is hosting the 2017 FIBA Asia Champioship ? Lebanon.
8.The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on which date? August 9
9.Which team has won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup football tournament? Real Madrid
10.What is the theme of 2017 International Youth Day (IYD)? -Youth Building Peace
11.The 2017 World Photography Day (WPD) is observed on which date? -August 19
12. The government decided to provide a daily food expensesof Rs 70 for a month to the flood affected people of Terai districts on 18 August.
13.Which country to host the 2017 FIFA Under-17 World Cup 2017? -India
14.The 2017 World Mosquito Day (WMD) is observed on which day? August 20
15. When did PM of Nepal Sher Bahadaur Deuba departed to India for five days official visit ? -23 August 2017.
16.Who launched newly built 132 kv Katiya-Kushaha and Raxaul Parwanipur power lines, each of which can transmit 50 MW? Indian PM Narendra Modi and Nepal PM Sher Bahadur Deuba.
17.How much MW of electricity is imported from India through a dozen cross-border transmission lines to fulfil swelling demand ? 380 MW
18.Nepal’s capacity to import electricity has increased from 380 MW to how much MW after recent visit of PM Sher Bahadur Deuba ? 480 MW
19.How much Nepal earned in foreign exchange from the tourism industry in the last fiscal year 2016-17 ended mid-july ,according to the latest figures released by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) ? A record Rs. 58.52 billion
20.Saff U-15 Championship final: Nepal lose 2-1 against India
21 Who received Madan Prize (मदन पुरुस्कार -२०७४ ) ? Ghanasyam Kandel for his book Dhritarasta (धृतराष्ट्र ).
22.From when Bharatpur Hospital has begun free kidney dialysis service ? 27 Aug 2017 Sunday
23.Who won Saff U-15 Championship held in Nepal? Nepal lose 2-1 against India
24.When did PM Sher Bahadur Deuba arrived Nepal after 5 days visit of India ? 27 Aug 2017
24.What is the average rise in annual maximum temperature of the country Nepal according to a recent study conducted by the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DOHM) ?-0.056 degree Celsius,
25.Who has won the 2017 women’s singles World Badminton championships (WBC)?Nozomi Okuhara

Science Technology and Health Related Some GK

1. Who invented Diesel Engine ? Rudolph Diesel (1895 A.D)
2. Which scientist is also known as father of electricity ? -Michael Faraday
3. Who invented generator ?-Michael Faraday
4. When did Michael Faraday invented  machine to pull water (motor) ? 1830 A.D
5. Who is also called "Prince of Experiment" ? Michael Faraday
6. What is the chemical formula of Water ? H2O
7. Development of Human brain stops as the age of ? 15 years
8. What is the scientific name of frog?Rana tigrina
9. Which worm causes Amoebic Dysentery? E. Hostolytica
10. Name the largest organ of Human body  ?Liver

The website GK-IQ.COM contains General Knowledge of Nepal and World. Many other aspects which comes under this universe are also accommodated with best effort possible. Every thing I learn and think important about any thing I try to cover in this website. There may be many mistakes, please feel free to comment about my mistakes. Thank you.

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