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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Quiz 02 Sep - Nepali GK in English-GK Nepal

1. From when Embossed Number plate came in use in Nepal ?  2074 Bhadra 05
2. When did PM of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba departed for friedly visit to Delhi ? 2074 B.S Bhadra 7
3. What is the Power Capacity of Upper Trishuli 3B hydro project? 37MW
4. UEAFA player of the year -2017 is won by which player ? Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Madan Puruskar -2073 is won by Ghanasyam Kandel.
6. Jagadamaba Puruskar -2073 is won by Cartoonist Durga Baral (Vatsyan)
7. How many political party have registered their name for upcoming State election ? 95
8. "Right for Information" was first practice by which country?Sweden
9.  Who is the Attorney General of Nepal ? Basantaram Bhandari
10. As per Custom Department Nepal , Nepal has Business relation with 165 country. With how many countries the business are on profit ? 31
11. "Gaura Parba" is celebrated mostly in which part of Nepal ? Mid Western and Far Western Development Region.
12. Full form of VSAT ? Very Small Aperture Terminal

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