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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

SAARC GK- 30 Questions- 19 September

  1. Full form of SAARC ? South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
  2. Who first introduced the concept of SAARC ? Bangladeshi President Ziaur Rahaman
  3. When did Ziaur Rahaman first introduced the model of SAARC ? 2 May 1980
  4. When was SAARC established ? 8 Dec 1985
  5. How many founder member are there in SAARC ? 7
  6. Name the seven founder states of SAARC ? India, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, Maldives and Bhutan
  7. How many members are there in SAARC  ?8
  8. Which is the latest country to be member state of SAARC ? Afghanistan
  9. Which SAARC summit decided  Afghanistan as new member of SAARC ? 13
  10. Officially from which SAARC summit Afghanistan took part in summit ? 14
  11. Which is the biggest SAARC country? India (Population and also Area), 3287263 Sq. KM
  12. Second biggest SAARC country ? Pakistan (796095 Sq. Km)
  13. Biggest lake of SAARC ? Chilka Lake, India
  14. Where is "Takshyashila " located ? Pakistan
  15. Which is the second biggest peak after Mt. Everest in the world ? Mount Godwin-Austen or Chhogori (8611 m 28251ft). Pakistan
  16. How many landlocked country are there in SAARC  ? 3 (Nepal,Bhutan and Afghanistan)
  17. Which is the third nearest country of Nepal after India and China ? Bangladesh
  18. What is the total area of Bangladesh ? 143998 Sq. Km
  19. From which country Bangladesh separated to become independent country ? Pakistan in 1971 A.D
  20. Srilanka is also known as previously ? Silon
  21. What is the area of Srilanka ? 65610 Sq. Km
  22. Which SAARC  country is also called as land of thunder storm ?  Bhutan
  23. Total area of Bhutan ? 46620 Sq. Km
  24. Total area of Nepal ? 147181 Sq. Km
  25. Total area of Maldives ? 298 Sq. Km
  26. Who made the logo of SAARC  ? Sailendra Maharjan (Nepal)
  27. Nearest capital city of SAARC country from Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal)?- Thimpu (400km)
  28. Most far capital city from Kathmandu ? Male (2760 Km)
  29. How far is Delhi,Dhaka,Islamabad,Colombo and Kabul from Kathmandu ? 790 km, 630 Km,1380 Km, 2320 km and 1710km
  30. National flower of India ? Lotus

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