Friday, September 1, 2017

Science Technology and Health Related Some GK

1. Who invented Diesel Engine ? Rudolph Diesel (1895 A.D)
2. Which scientist is also known as father of electricity ? -Michael Faraday
3. Who invented generator ?-Michael Faraday
4. When did Michael Faraday invented  machine to pull water (motor) ? 1830 A.D
5. Who is also called "Prince of Experiment" ? Michael Faraday
6. What is the chemical formula of Water ? H2O
7. Development of Human brain stops as the age of ? 15 years
8. What is the scientific name of frog?Rana tigrina
9. Which worm causes Amoebic Dysentery? E. Hostolytica
10. Name the largest organ of Human body  ?Liver

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