Friday, October 6, 2017

Current Affairs September

1. What magnitude of earthquake was felt in Mexico on 08 September ? - 8.2
2.When did 9th BRICS summit was held ? Sep 2017, Sep 3-5
3. Which check point (नाका ) between Nepal and China has been classified as international check points(नाका )? Rasuwagadi -Kerung naka
4. When was Rasuwagadi -Kerung naka upgraded to international check point ? 2074 B.S Bhadra 14.
5.Which country is hosting the 2017 International Hindu Conference (IHC)? - Nepal (August 31,2017)
6. Which city is hosted the 9th edition of BRICS summit-2017?- Xiamen , China
7. The world’s highest sandcastle has recently built in which country? Germany (16.68m)
8. Nepal has signed how much amount of United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for 2018-2022?$635 million
9. Who has won the 2017 Italian Formula One Grand Prix tournament?-Lewis Hamilton
10.What is the theme of National Children day 2074 ? - बालमैत्री शासन : बलाधिकरको सम्मान
11.When is national children day celebrated in Nepal ? Bhadra 29
12.When did North Korea experimented Ballistic missiles over Japan Sky ? 2017 Sep 15.
13.What was the range of missile experimented by N.Korea ? The missile traveled 3700km from the altitude of 770 KM and dropped over ocean near Hokkaido.
14.Who is called Mahakavi of Nepal Bhasa ? - Siddhidas Amatya
15.When and where was PATA Travel Mart -2017 organized ? 13-15 Sep 2017, Macau
16.When did PM of Nepal departed to New York to take part in UN assembly ? 2074 Asoj 3
17.When was sixth Nepal- Africa film festival organized in Kathmandu ? 2074 Asoj 2-4
18.World Literacy day is celebrated on ? September 8

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