Saturday, October 7, 2017

Gk Gorkhapatra -04 Asoj 2017

  1. When was five years jail punishment was announced by Supreme court of Thailand for Ex-Prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra ?  September 27 2017
  2. Who is the first woman prime minister of Thailand ? -Yingluck Shinawatra (2011)
  3. When did board member of Nepal Rastriya Bank decided to age limit of employee for 58 years which was previously total 30 years working time? - 2074 Asoj 8
  4. From when Union Life and Sun life Insurance Company started their business in Nepal ? 2074 Asoj 6
  5. Who won first Nepal Idol title ? Buddha Lama
  6. Where was first Nepal Idol final programme organized ? Doha Qatar(2074 Asoj 6)
  7. Who won U-18 Championship organized in September ? -Nepal
  8. Which parliament sent invitation to celebrate Dashain festival for Nepalese in their country ? Australia
  9. When was National Woman Organization established in Nepal ? 2058 B.S (First President Dr. Durga Pokharel)
  10. Best Government service award is provided to 10 employee , how many people are awarded with Government service award ? -30 People and excellent Government service award is provided to 1 employee.
  11. Who wrote "Nirwan " and "Phool ko Ankhama"?  Ghanasyam Khadka and Ani Choing Dolma
  12. When was first SAF tournament organized and where ? 1997 A.D, Kathmandu
  13. Lawn Tennis is played in court where is Table tennis played ? Board
  14. Where in Nepal first wildlife friendly bridge is built ? Chitwan
  15. Which animal have highest number of eyes ? - Butterfly
  16. Dr. Mukesh Chalise is related to Monkey study who is related to study of birds ? Dr. Hem Sagar Baral
  17. Who become the German Chancellor for fourth time after election held in September 2017? Angela Markel
  18. As per Labor Act 2074 how many types of employment are there ? -5 (Regular,work based,time based,sudden and temporary)
  19. When and where was Sherpa summit held ? Kathmandu (Asoj 2074)
  20. Which is the latest technology brought by Foreign Employment Department for Labor Agreement ? Eye Scan Technology
  21. When have government decided to celebrate  against National Caste Discrimination and Untouchable ? - Jestha 21

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