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Friday, November 17, 2017

17 November 2017..GK..

1. Which award is provided to Nepal for her effort to eliminate malnutrition in women and children ? "UN SUN GLOBAL CHAMPION AWARD -2017".
2. When did president Bidya Devi Bhandari departed for her four days visit of UAE ? 2074 Kartik 27
3. Which is the oldest party of Nepal ? Nepal Praja Parisad
4. When did Nepal Praja Parisad and Nepal Communist Party (EMALE) united together ? 2074 Kartik 23.
5. Up to which class Nepal Government have decided to experiment with color books from next education session ? 5
6. When was branch of University of Coffee was established  in Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management in Nepal  ?  2074 B.S Kartik 20.
7. District with highest number of borders with other districts ? Sindhuli (10 Districts).
8. First women president of Singapore ? Hajiya Yakob (2017 September). 
9. How much budget has been declared for School Area Improvement (2016-2023) ? 1110900000000
10. Where in Nepal Nature Conservation School have been established ? Chitwan National Park, Kasara
11. When did ex prime minister Kirtinidhi Bista died ?2074 Kartik 25
12. Which papers came out after Panama Papers ? Paradise Papers. 
13. Which player hold fastest century in t-20 cricket international tournament ? David Miller(South Africa).
14. Name the 153 country to establish diplomatic relation with Nepal ? Bahamas (7 November 2017
15. As per WWF International in how many country tigers are found ? 13
16. When and where was first World Sanskrit Summit was held? 1972 March 26-31 , New Delhi
17. Who is hosting fourth ACC U-19 Cup Cricket Tournament 2017 ? Malaysia
18. Organizational wise how many country are open for employment ? 110 (Individually 167 country)
19.When was agreement signed between India and Nepal for petroleum pipeline form Motihari to Amlekhgunj of Nepal ? 2072 B.S Bhadra
20. Which is biggest municipality as per area ? Sitganga Minicipality, Argakhanchi. 
21 . Which district have higest number of local bodies ? Sarlahi (11 Minicipality and 9 Village Council)
22. 2011-2020 is celebrated as which decade by UNO ? -Decade of Biological Diversity

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