Monday, November 6, 2017

GK...07 Nov..GK Nepal

  1. When did Kamal Mani Dixit died ? 2073 Poush 14 , at the age of 87
  2. To whom National Education Journalism Prize 2072 was provided ? Makar Shrestha and Suryaprasad Pandey in combine.
  3. When was special economic zone (SEZ) was inaugurated in Rupandehi district for first time in Nepal ?  -2071 Mangsir 2
  4. As per 6th National Agricultural census 2068/69 name the district with large area of agricultural land ? Morang, Jhapa,Sarlahi,Siraha, Sunsari
  5. Till date how many ladies have been awarded with Madan Prize? Three (Parijat, Jhamak Ghimire and Radha Poudel. 

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