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Thursday, November 23, 2017

GK..24 November..

  1. When did Nepal Electricity Authority and China Three Gorges Cooperation signed on agreement on mutual investment in 750 MW West Seti Hydroelectricity project ? 2074 Kartik 30
  2. What was the theme of Sixth National Tax Day , which was celebrated on Mangsir 1 ? हाम्रो पौरख हाम्रो कर ; राष्ट्र निर्माणको दिगो भर 
  3. Which company received award for paying highest amount of tax ? Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd
  4. How many tax payer are there in Nepal under tax policy ? 1668607
  5. How many children of school eligible age are not in reach of school as per report 2016-17 rom education department ? 439041 (Boys:220263 Girls: 218778)
  6. Who won the title for Miss Tourism-2017 ? Arati Thapa (Pokhara)
  7. Which are the country with double tax wavier with Nepal ? India,Thailand,Srilanka,Mauritius,  Austria,Pakistan,China,South Korea, Qatar and Norway
  8. "भुस पोल्ने " (Bhus Polne) fare is popular in which part of Nepal ? -Argal (Baglung)
  9. What is Child Death Rate in Nepal as per Public Population and Health Finding -2016 . the report which was made public in Kartik 27 ? 39 Per Thousand
  10. Most valuable brand as per "Brand Finance" ? Google
  11. "Forest city" is being established in which country for the first time in the world ? China
  12. Which president was kept under surveillance in November 2017 by army ?  Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe)
  13. From when one child policy was cancelled in china ? 2016 January 1
  14. When did massive earthquake of 7.3 M hit the border area of Iran and Iraq killing more than 450 people ? 2017 November 12
  15. From when Nepal Police hospital opened for public ,previously was only providing service for police and their family ? 2074 Kartik 26
  16. Who won the title "Miss World 2017"? Manushi Chiller (Inida)
  17. Name the lady who become UNESCO head in 2017 November 10 ? Audrey Azoulay
  18. Name the circuit being built by Janakpur and Ayodhya to promote religious tourism ? Ramayan circuit
  19. When was first bank of Nepal established ? 1994 Katrik 30 (Nepal Bank Limited)
  20. The first Robert police has been named as ? Robocop (Deputed in Dubai)
  21. Team's popular and skill full player is also called? Merky Player
  22. How many countries are open for job for Nepalese organizational wise ? 110
  23. How much land in Nepal are utilized for Coffee farming in the year 2073/74 ? 2646 Hector

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