Friday, December 22, 2017

23 Dec..Gk Nepal

  1. Which Nepalese received Honorary Doctor of Business Administration PHD provided by International American University ?- Khilraj Regmi
  2. Who become the president of Kenya after the election of October 26, 2017 ?- Uhuru Kenyatta
  3.  As per the recent survey done by Import Minister by how much price of food will rise in next 10 years ? -25.49 Percent
  4. To find the solution for the consequences brought by climate and other change in Himalayas, when was International conference organized in Kathmandu ? 2074 Mangsir 17-20
  5. When did Tara Air Twin otter fall in accident in the runway of  Simikot Airport of Humla ? 2074 Mangsir 12
  6. Name the MAHAKAVYA which in written by 13 poet, a history in Nepalese Literature ? Arohan
  7. Where did 19th Ministerial WTO conference took place ? Argentina (2017 Dec 11-14)
  8. When was first National Public Health Survey was done in Nepal ? 1996 A.D (Till 2016 , 5 survey has been done). 
  9. Who is the youngest Mayor of Nepal , after the local election held in 2074 B.S ? Udaykumar Yadav (24 years), Sahidnagar Municipality, Siraha (Among 460 Village council and 293 Municipality).
  10. Name the TRIMURTI of Nepali Literature ? Lekhnath Poudyal, Laxmiprasad Devkota and Balkrishna Sama
  11. When did first test tube baby born in Nepal ? 2061 B.S Falgun 20(Om Hospital)
  12. Name the hotel at highest altitude in the World ? Hotel Everest View
  13. Which is the first movie of Nepali Bhasa ? Shilu
  14. Name the first movie of Sherpa language ? Khangri
  15. Which is the first Dhimal language movie ? Uni
  16. When was Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Established ? 2055 Poush 16
  17. When has Nepal targeted to be free from smoke ? 2022 A. D
  18. Which airlines received best airlines of the year 2017 ? Qatar Airlines
  19. Which Asian city first organized Olympic ?-Tokyo
  20. As per Sustainable Development Solution Network , Nepal ranks which position in World Happiness Report 2017 ? 99
  21. Who is awarded for 2074 B.S Adikavi Bhanubhakta Prize ? Dr. Rajendra Bimal
  22. From when Nepal Government have decided to celebrate Fruits Decade ? 2073/2074- 2082/83
  23. Ranking of Government officials ? 1. President 2. Vice- President 3. Prime Minister 4. Chief Justice 5.  Head of Parliament 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Dec 19 ..Gk Nepal

  1. What is the theme of 2017 World Aids Day ? - Right to Health
  2. When is World Aids Day celebrated ? Dec 1
  3. What is the theme of the 2017 International Day of Persons with Disabilities?-Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all. 
  4. When is International Day of Persons with Disabilities celebrated ? Dec 3
  5. Where is the headquarters of IMO(International Maritime Organizations?- London

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