Tuesday, January 16, 2018

GK - 17 Janauary- 20 Questions from Gorkhapatra of 10 January

  1. When and where 9th BRICS summit concluded ? September 3-5, 2017  Xiaomin China
  2. Name the Municipalities of Nepal with same area  ? Dhulikhel and Banepa.  Both are 55 Sq. Km
  3. Which two village council of Nepal of equal area ? Champadevi and Chisankhugadi with area of 126.91 Sq. Km
  4. From when flight service restarted in Dang ? 2074 Poush 23
  5. Who won the 2017 Nobel Literature prize ?  Kazuo Ishiguro of Britain
  6. When was Bhairawa opened for country's first as Special Economic Zone(SEZ) ? 2071 Mangsir 2
  7. As per National Agriculture Survey 2068/69 , which five Districts have highest agricultural land? Morang, Jhapa, Sarlahi, Siraha, Sunsari
  8. As per  6th National Agriculture Survey 2068/69 , which five Districts have least agricultural land? Manag, Mustang, Dolpa, Rasuwa and Humla
  9. As per National Agriculture Survey 2068/69 , how many family are dependent on agriculture?- 38 Lakh 31 Thousand
  10. From when Finance Survey will be done in Nepal for the first time ? 2075 B.S Baisak
  11. "PISKAR KANDA" when did it happened ? 2040 Magh 1
  12. Which city is known as "King of Cycle" ? - Beijing, China
  13. Where is popular RANIMAHAL ? Palpa
  14. Which country first provided voting rights to woman ? Newzealand
  15. Bitcoin is  also known as virtual money. From when it came in use ?2009 January 1
  16. How many countries are there in OPEC(Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) ? -13..Algeria,Angola,Ecuador, Indonesia, Iraq,Iran,Kuwait,Libiya,Nigeria,Qatar,Saudi Arab, UAE and Venezuela.
  17. Which state touch both India and China Border ? 1,3 4 and 7
  18.  When did TITANIC accident happened ? 1912 A.D April 14
  19. Which SAARC country have not hosted SAARC summit ? Afganistan
  20. Who is the newly appointed Secretary of BIMSTEC ? Sahidul Islam (Bangladesh)

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