Thursday, January 25, 2018

Latest Global Environmental Performance Index (EPI)- Nepal Position.

  1. Air quality in Nepal is the worst in the world, ranked at the bottom among the 180 countries surveyed in terms of air-quality in a global study by Yale University and Columbia University in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.
  2.  Nepal scored 3.94 in terms of air quality. 
  3. Australia  become the most clean air country. 

 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

Best five
1. Switzerland 87.42
2. France 83.95
3. Denmark 81.60
4. Malta 80.90
5. Sweden 80.51

Worst five
176. Nepal 31.44
177. India 30.57
178. DR Congo 30.41
178. Bangladesh 29.56
180. Burundi 27.43

Low scores on the EPI are indicative of the need for national sustainability efforts on a number of fronts, especially cleaning up air quality, protecting biodiversity, and reducing GHG emissions.

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