Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How many tourist visited Nepal in 2017 as per Immigration department ?

  1. As per report published by Transparency International 2018 which country is least corrupted ? - New Zealand
  2. As per report published by Transparency International 2018 Nepal fall in which rank in corruption ? - 122 out of 180 countries
  3. Which country is most corrupted as per report published by Transparency International 2018 ?-Somalia
  4. Which Mountaineer is also called snow leopard ? Angrita Sherpa(Climbed Mount Everest without Oxygen)
  5. State 6 of Nepal is also called- Karnali Pradesh
  6. Who has been awarded with Prithvi Pragya Prize 2074, which is worth of 4 lakh rupee and provided in every four years ? - Dr. Taranath Sharma
  7. Who won Prime minister Women National Cricket Cup 2074 B.S of Nepal ? NAPF Club
  8. How many tourist visited Nepal in 2017 as per Immigration department ?  - 940218
  9. When was Kathmandu Metropolitan city was declared Smoking and nicotin public free city ? 2074 B. S Falgun 11 
  10. In to how many parts IUCN have divided endangered animals ?- 5

Monday, February 26, 2018

How much allowances is provided to elderly people in Nepal ?

  1. Who is known as first martyrs literature of Nepal ? - Subba Krishnalal Adhikari
  2. When is Martyrs day celebrated in Nepal ? - Magh 16
  3. When did Government decided to suspend National Trading Limited ?- 2074 B.S Magh 11
  4. How much allowances is provided to elderly people in Nepal ?- Rs. 2000 (Social Security-1000 and Health allowances-1000). People aged above 65 are elderly.
  5. From when aged of eldrly people is reduced to 65 from 70 ? -2074 Magh 10.
  6. LAN- Local Area Network WAN-Wide Area Network
  7. When is International Custom day celebrated ? January 26
  8. What is the theme of International Custom Day ? A secured Business Environment for Economic Development ). 
  9. Who has been awarded with India's national prestigious award "PadmaShree" from Nepal ? -Dr. Sanduk Ruit (2018)
  10. When did Nepal and China signed on transportation agreement ?- 2016 March 21
  11. When did Dravya Shah established Gorkha State? 1616 B.S Bhadra 25
  12. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and Uzbekistan established ? -2018 January26
  13. When was League of Nation established ? -1920 A.D January 10
  14. District popular for leather is Dailekh. 
  15. Where in the world smallest rhododendron is found ? Rara Lake
  16. Traffic Mobile App was introduced from 2073 B.S Baisakh 20
  17. Place where two river meet is called DOVAN and where three river meet is called TRIVENI.
  18. Which trekking circuit has been developed in eastern part of Nepal recently ?- Mundhum Marga
  19.  When did government of Nepal decided all 56 people who died in BANDARMUDE incident as MARTYRS ? - 2074 B.S Magh 11
  20. Human Organ Transplant Center in Nepal is now known as Dharmabhakta Organ Transplant Center
  21. In how many places of Nepal government has decided to established International Business Exhibition Center ? -7

Sunday, February 25, 2018

The world’s tallest hotel ‘Gevora’ has opened in which city?

  1. What is the theme of the 2018 World Radio Day (WRD)?- Radio and Sports-February 13
  2. Which country to host the World Sustainable Development Summit – 2018?-India
  3. The world’s first autonomous pods has launched in which city?-Dubai
  4. The world’s tallest hotel ‘Gevora’ has opened in which city?-Dubai
  5. What is the theme of the World Day of Social Justice 2018?-Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice

When did K.P Sharma Oli become Prime Minister of Nepal for second time ?

  1. "Manager Of The Year -2018 " has been awarded to which personnel on the occasion of 37 National Management Convention in Nepal ? Biswas Dhakal (F1 Soft International ). 
  2. Which bank in Nepal have started "Union Pay International Quick Response Acquiring Service "? -Nabil Bank
  3. Who won 2074 BudaSubba GoldCup Football tournament ? Three Star (MPC-0 TS-1)
  4. Where was 23 winter Olympic organized? South Korea.Pyongyang, 2018 A.D Feb 9-25
  5. Total country to take part in South Korea  Olympic? -92(2925 Players ) and 15 events
  6. When was Chemelia Hydro electricity project officially  started ?- 2074 Magh 27
  7. When did Nepal Airlines Co operations brought Y12E aircraft from China ? 2074 B.S Falgun 1
  8. Who is the first chief minister of Nepal ? -Dormani Poudyal
  9. What is total electricity generating capacity of Nepal ? 82980 M.W
  10. When was first Tea Census was done in Nepal ? 2074 B.S Magh 25
  11. Who received UTTAM SHANTI PRIZE 2074  B.S ? - Rabindra Samir
  12. When was Biratnagar Jute Factor reopened since its closure from Bhadra 2072 ? 2074 B.S Mangsir 10
  13. How many districts of Nepal are literate till date ? 43 (Rasuwa at 43)
  14. As per report published by "New World Wealth" 2018, Which is the most richest city of the world ?New York,USA
  15. When and where latest APEC summit was held ? - November 6-11 , 2017. Vietnam
  16. Full form of APEC? Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
  17. Slogan of APEC summit 2017 ? - Creating New Dynamism,Fostering a shared Future
  18. When was understanding between India and China took place on Doklam issue ? 2017 August 28
  19. When did K.P Sharma Oli become Prime Minister of Nepal for second time ? 2074 Falgun 3
  20. As per Nepal Telecommunication Authority , how many percentage of population are in reach of internet ?  - 63.17
  21. Which position did Nepal received in ICC World Cricket League Division-2 tournament held in month of February 2018 in Namibia ? - Second
  22. "Smart Gorkhapatra-2018" was officially launched in  2074 B.S Falgun 2
  23. When was Khotang district announced literate district ?  2074 B.S Falgun 2
  24. Where in Nepal International Standard Film city is being built ? Bhimeswor, Dolakaha
  25. How many standard or criteria are made in milk production ? -4
  26.  As per GDP which country is most richest with latest report published by International Monitary Fund ? Qatar (Per Capita Income 124930 USD)
  27. Who received 2074 B.S Bhairav Aryal Prize? Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation
  28. When was Nobel Prize distributed ? 1901 A.D
  29. Who receive Confusas Peace Prize -2017 ? Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen
  30. When was Humla declared No open toilet (Khula Disamukta)district ? - 2074 Mangsir 19

Sunday, February 11, 2018

What is the length of Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas highway ?

  1. When did Nepal Government made a decision to provide life long cash allowance to the sport person who wins medal in Olympic and International Competitions? - 2074 Magh 11
  2. Who won the blind World cricket cup 2018 held in Pakistan and UAE in January 8-20 ? India
  3. When was BIMSTEC third summit held? 2014- Myanmar
  4. What is the length of Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas highway ?-160 KM
  5. Who won the U-19 World cup Cricket 2018 ? - India
  6. Who won AHA RARA GOLD CUP held in Pokhara 2074 B.S in Nepal ? Nepal Police Club (Runner Up- Three Star). 
  7. Where in Nepal International Mountaineering Museum is established ? Pokhara
  8. From when Birendra Army Hospital  in Chauni Kathmandu was opened to general public? 2073 B.S Falgun 15
  9. When did Nepal Telecom launched its 4G service ? 2073 B.S Poush 17 (1 Januray 2017)
  10. For the first time in Nepal when was Export day was celebrated ? 2073 B.S Poush 22
  11. How many country will play World Cup football from 2026 A.D ? 48. Earlier it was only 32 nations.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Space related Questions

  1. First machine to reach Moon ? - Luna-2
  2. First satellite launched in space ? - Sputnik- 1 by Russia
  3. When was Sputnik- 1 launched by Russia ? 4 October 1957
  4. When was second satellite named Sputnik- 2 was launched by Russia ? 2 November 1957
  5. What was the name of the animal which was sent in Sputnik- 2 ? Laika (Dog)
  6. Name the first astronaut to reach space ? Yuri Gagarin (Russian)
  7. Name the rocket from which Yuri Gagarin made his journey? Vostok-1
  8. When did Yuri Gagarin reached space from Vostok-1? 12 April 1961

Thursday, February 8, 2018

First Country to Bring in Use.

  • Numbers: Arab
  • Postcard: Austria
  • Han-key: Italy
  • Guitar: Spain
  • Chocolate : Switzerland
  • Merit System : Britain
  • Calendar: Egypt
  • Lottery : Italy
  •  Metric System: France
  • Play card: France

The 2018 World Cancer Day (WCD)

  1. Who has become the world’s first female cricketer to take 200 wickets in One-Day Internationals (ODI)?-Jhulan Goswami (India).
  2. Which country has become the world’s first country to repeal same-sex marriage?-Bermuda
  3. Which city to host the 6th World Government Summit (WGS-2018)?- Dubai
  4. Which Indian airport has become the world’s busiest single-runway airport?- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International airport (980 arrivals and take-offs in 24 hours, or almost one flight every minute on January 20, 2018.)
  5. Which city is hosting the 5th edition of South Asia Region Public Procurement Conference (SARPPC-2018)?- New Delhi
  6. What is the theme of the 2018 World Wetland Day (WWD)?- Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future.(The World Wetlands Day (WWD) is observed every year on February 2 to mark the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in the city of Ramsar in Iran in 1971).
  7. Which country has successfully launched the world’s smallest rocket to carry tiny satellite into orbit?- Japan
  8. The 2018 World Cancer Day (WCD) is observed on which date?- February 4
  9. Theme of World Cancer Day 2018 ? “We can. I can”
  10. Which country’s team has won the 12th edition of ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2018?- India
  11. Which country has launched the world’s longest zip line?- UAE (2.83km
  12. The 2018 Data Privacy Day (DPD) is observed on which date? -January 28
  13. What is the theme of the 2018 World Leprosy Day (WLD)?- Zero Disabilities in girls and boys

Friday, February 2, 2018

Global Democracy Index 2017

Nepal was ranked 94th among 165 independent states on annual 2017 Global Democracy Index (GDI) released by UK-based company Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Top 10 countries in 2017 GDI: Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Finland and Switzerland.

Data Privacy Day (DPD)

  • The 2018 Data Privacy Day (DPD) is observed on which date? - January 28

World Leprosy Day (WLD) 2018.

  1. What is the theme of the 2018 World Leprosy Day (WLD)?- Zero Disabilities in girls and boys
  2. The World Leprosy Day (WLD) is observed every year on the last Sunday of January.
  3. This year, in 2018, it falls on 28 January.

World’s largest steel producer in 2017

  1. Which country has become the world’s largest steel producer in 2017, as per latest report published by World Steel Association (WSA)?- China
  2. How many tonnes of Steel China produced in 2017 ? 831.7 million tons. 
  3. Name the second country after China to produce largest steel ? Japan
  4. The WSA is one of the largest industry associations in the world

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