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Monday, February 26, 2018

How much allowances is provided to elderly people in Nepal ?

  1. Who is known as first martyrs literature of Nepal ? - Subba Krishnalal Adhikari
  2. When is Martyrs day celebrated in Nepal ? - Magh 16
  3. When did Government decided to suspend National Trading Limited ?- 2074 B.S Magh 11
  4. How much allowances is provided to elderly people in Nepal ?- Rs. 2000 (Social Security-1000 and Health allowances-1000). People aged above 65 are elderly.
  5. From when aged of eldrly people is reduced to 65 from 70 ? -2074 Magh 10.
  6. LAN- Local Area Network WAN-Wide Area Network
  7. When is International Custom day celebrated ? January 26
  8. What is the theme of International Custom Day ? A secured Business Environment for Economic Development ). 
  9. Who has been awarded with India's national prestigious award "PadmaShree" from Nepal ? -Dr. Sanduk Ruit (2018)
  10. When did Nepal and China signed on transportation agreement ?- 2016 March 21
  11. When did Dravya Shah established Gorkha State? 1616 B.S Bhadra 25
  12. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and Uzbekistan established ? -2018 January26
  13. When was League of Nation established ? -1920 A.D January 10
  14. District popular for leather is Dailekh. 
  15. Where in the world smallest rhododendron is found ? Rara Lake
  16. Traffic Mobile App was introduced from 2073 B.S Baisakh 20
  17. Place where two river meet is called DOVAN and where three river meet is called TRIVENI.
  18. Which trekking circuit has been developed in eastern part of Nepal recently ?- Mundhum Marga
  19.  When did government of Nepal decided all 56 people who died in BANDARMUDE incident as MARTYRS ? - 2074 B.S Magh 11
  20. Human Organ Transplant Center in Nepal is now known as Dharmabhakta Organ Transplant Center
  21. In how many places of Nepal government has decided to established International Business Exhibition Center ? -7

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