Friday, February 9, 2018

Space related Questions

  1. First machine to reach Moon ? - Luna-2
  2. First satellite launched in space ? - Sputnik- 1 by Russia
  3. When was Sputnik- 1 launched by Russia ? 4 October 1957
  4. When was second satellite named Sputnik- 2 was launched by Russia ? 2 November 1957
  5. What was the name of the animal which was sent in Sputnik- 2 ? Laika (Dog)
  6. Name the first astronaut to reach space ? Yuri Gagarin (Russian)
  7. Name the rocket from which Yuri Gagarin made his journey? Vostok-1
  8. When did Yuri Gagarin reached space from Vostok-1? 12 April 1961

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