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Sunday, February 11, 2018

What is the length of Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas highway ?

  1. When did Nepal Government made a decision to provide life long cash allowance to the sport person who wins medal in Olympic and International Competitions? - 2074 Magh 11
  2. Who won the blind World cricket cup 2018 held in Pakistan and UAE in January 8-20 ? India
  3. When was BIMSTEC third summit held? 2014- Myanmar
  4. What is the length of Banepa-Sindhuli-Bardibas highway ?-160 KM
  5. Who won the U-19 World cup Cricket 2018 ? - India
  6. Who won AHA RARA GOLD CUP held in Pokhara 2074 B.S in Nepal ? Nepal Police Club (Runner Up- Three Star). 
  7. Where in Nepal International Mountaineering Museum is established ? Pokhara
  8. From when Birendra Army Hospital  in Chauni Kathmandu was opened to general public? 2073 B.S Falgun 15
  9. When did Nepal Telecom launched its 4G service ? 2073 B.S Poush 17 (1 Januray 2017)
  10. For the first time in Nepal when was Export day was celebrated ? 2073 B.S Poush 22
  11. How many country will play World Cup football from 2026 A.D ? 48. Earlier it was only 32 nations.

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