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Friday, March 2, 2018

Computer Basic Quiz- Part 1

  1. Which operating system does not implement multitasking truly ? -MS DOS
  2. Which operating system do you choose to implement a client server network ? -Windows 2000
  3. The operating system is the most common type of ................ software? -system
  4. What do you choose to change margins ?-page setup dialogue box 
  5. In word processing the task of changing the appearance of a document is ? -formatting
  6. In MS-Word you can insert hyperlink by -ctrl+K or by choosing hyperlink from insert menu
  7. You can break column by- pressing ctrl+shift+enter
  8. In MS-Word you can convert the documents file format by applying the command:- save as
  9. Which page orientation you will select if you wish to print in wide format ? -Landscape
  10. The insertion point in a table can be moved by using: arrow,tab key or shif+tab key

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