Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What is the World Cup football Mascot 2018 ?

  1. When did thousand of people gathered in Tudikhel ,Kathmandu to listen the "Dhammapad" of Gautam Buddha ? - 2074 Falgun 19 (03 March 2018).
  2. When did Pakistani Prime Minister arrived in Kathmandu for 2 days visit of Nepal ? 2074 Falgun 21
  3. When was the first state parliament meeting held in history of Nepal ? 2074 Falgun 21
  4. What is the football Mascot 2018  ? Zabivaka
  5. Who won the fourth Lumbini Peace Marathon 2018 ? -Nepalese Army Homlal Shrestha
  6. What ranks Nepal in financial independence as per report published by Think Tank The Heritage Foundation based in USA ? - 133 with 54.1 Points 
  7. Who is the fist blind Nepalese to do PHD ? - Kamal Lamichane
  8. Which Nepalese cricketer is selected in Caribbean league in West Indies ?- Sandip Lamichane
  9.  First child born from Three Person IVAF technology ? 2017 Jan 5 ()
  10. When and where was first  World Human Summit concluded ? 2016 May, Turkey Istanbul
  11. Which country started the trend of cooperative ? Britain

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