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Saturday, April 14, 2018

16th National Astrology Summit | ICP | Chure preservation | First financial survey of Nepal | Mahottari-Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline|

  1. When and where was 16th National Astrology Summit was held ? -2074 Chitra 23-24
  2. When did PM KP Sharma Oli visited India ? - 2074 Chaitra 23-25
  3. When and where is unified check post (ICP) established ? -Alau,Parsa (2074 Chitra 24)(April 7 , 2018)
  4. When did State 5 head Umakanta Jha published his Government programme ?- 2074 B.S Chaitra 25
  5. When did parliament sanctioned 20 years master plan for Chure preservation ? 2074 Jestha 4(चुरेको पानी चुरेलाई स्वछ पानी सबैलाई )
  6. From when vice secretary is appointed in UN ? 1998 A.D
  7. First financial survey of Nepal ?- 2074 Baisakh 2
  8. How long Earth takes to rotate around its orbit ? - 23 hrs 56 M 4 sec
  9. When did Nepal PM KP Oli and Indian PM Narendra Modi inaugurated Mahottari-Amlekhganj petroleum pipeline ? 2074 B.S Chaitra 24
  10. Where was 16th World Athletics Championship held ? - 2017 Aug 4-13 (London)
  11.  Women to climb Mt. Everest many times ? Lakpa Sherpa, 8 times

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