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Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 26 | GK Nepal | 15 Questions

  1. When was National Peoples Party Nepal (Loktantrik) established ? - 2075 B.S Baisakh 7
  2. When did grading system in SLC started ? 2071
  3. SAARC has signed agreement with which international organization for the first time ? - UNCTAD
  4. Full for of ASEAN- Association of South East Asian Nation
  5. Name the founder member of ASEAN ? - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.
  6. From when Nepal Government started using SMART CARD in License ? - 2072 Mangsir 14
  7. From when N. Korea decided not to test Nuclear weapons and inter continental Ballistic Missile test  ?-  2018 A.D April 21
  8. When did China handed two Y-12 aircraft to Nepal ? - 2075 B.S Baisakh 4
  9. Newly elected president of Cuba ? -Miguel Diaz-Canel
  10. Which country king has changed his country name ? - Swaziland
  11. New name of country Swaziland ? - Kingdom of eSwatini
  12. Who became miss Nepal 2018 ? Shrikhala Khatiwada
  13. Gay marriage was approved first by which country ? Netherland (2001 April 1)
  14. What is a movement against sexual harassment and was founded on January 1, 2018, by Hollywood celebrities ? - Time's Up
  15. Main element to damage Ozone layer ? CFC(Choloflorocarbon)

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