Thursday, April 26, 2018

April 27 | GK Nepal | 15 Questions | When did Olympic flame touched Mount Everest ?

  1. "GhantaKarna" festival is related to which community group ? - Newar
  2. "Valley of King" is known as Egypt
  3. Who is the wife of Barun in Hindu story ? - Madira
  4. Where is Madagascar Island? Indian Ocean
  5. When did Olympic flame touched Mount Everest ? - 2065 B. S Baisakh 26
  6. Where in Nepal is the biggest wooden door located ? -Palpa
  7. How many wife's can Muslim male can marry as per their religion ? - 4
  8. What is the campaign called to increase the number of tigers ? TO IN TO
  9. When was WIPO established ? 1970 April 29
  10. "Gaitun" production is popular in which districts in Nepal ?Bajhang
  11. First Bank of Nepal ? Nepal Bank Limited
  12. Where is headquarter of UNICEF ? - Newyork
  13. Which bank in Nepal brought the first use of Credit Card? Himalayan Bank
  14. First bank to use ATM card in Nepal ? Everest Bank
  15. When did Arniko went to China ? - 1317 B.S

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