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Sunday, April 29, 2018

April 30 -Gk Nepal- 20 Questions- What is the chemical name of Vitamin A ?

  1. Who discovered about Blood Circulation System ? William Harvey
  2. Who invented diesel engine ? - Rudolf Diesel
  3. Earthquake is measured by Seismograph. 
  4. Insulin is related to which disease ? - Diabetes
  5. Lack of which vitamin causes Scurvy ? - Vitamin C
  6. Which injection is used fight against TB(Tuberculosis) ? - BCG
  7. Beriberi disease is caused lack of which vitamin ? - Vitamin B and C
  8. Night blindness is caused lack of which vitamin ? - Vitamin A
  9. What is the chemical name of Vitamin A ? Retinol
  10. How much calorie do 1 gm of Carbohydrate provide ? 4 Calorie
  11. Normal blood pressure of human body is 120/80
  12. Which tree produce large amount of Oxygen ? - Ficus religiosa (PEPAL)
  13. Which Vitamin is found in Chilly ? - Vitamin C
  14. Which organ of human body is nor effected by cancer ? - Retina
  15. Full form of ECG ? - Electro Cardiogram
  16. Who found disease Tuberculosis ? - Robert Koch 
  17. Which virus causes Typhoid ? - Salmonela Typhi
  18. Who propounded theory of evolution ? - Charles Darwin
  19. If you weight 220 Pound in Earth how much do you weigh in Moon ? - 36.37 pound
  20. Which vitamin helps in Clotting blood ? Vitamin K

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