Friday, April 6, 2018

Catalonia,US President Donald Trump,World Cup 2018,U15 SAAF,U17 FIFA World cup ,FIFA Best Player 2017 ,Women's World Cup Cricket 2017

  1. When did Catalonia decided to be separate from Spain ? - 28 October 2018
  2. When did US President Donald Trumph visited China ? - 7 November 2017
  3. Which where the first and last country to get selected in World Cup 2018? Brazil and Peru respectively
  4. Who won U15 SAAF Championship Football 2017 ? - India
  5. Who won U17 FIFA Worldcup Football 2017 ?- England
  6. FIFA Best Player 2017 goes to ....Cristiano Ronaldo
  7. Who won Women's World Cup Cricket 2017? - England
  8. Most Richest person of the world ? Jeff Bejos(CEO of Amazon)
  9. When was labor agreement between Jordan and Nepal took place?-2018 October 18
  10. Who won the title of Mr. Nepal 2017 ? Akshay Raymajhi 

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