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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

World Geography--Part 1

  1. Surface temperature of Sun- 5778K
  2. Which planet have maximum natural satellites ? - Jupiter
  3. Which planet takes the most time to rotate on its axis? - Venus
  4. Diameter of Earth ?- 12742 Km
  5. What is the name of the Galaxy where Earth is located ? Milky Way Galaxy
  6. 1 degree latitude represents how many km ? - 111 Km
  7. Highest amount of Gas found in Earth atmosphere ? - Nitrogen
  8. Earth axial tilt is ? - 23.4 degree
  9. Largest and highest plateau in the world ? - Tibetan plateau
  10. Softest mineral on earth ? - Talc
  11. Deepest point on Earth ? - Mariana Trench
  12. Lowest point on earth ? - Dead Sea
  13. Largest tectonic plate ? - Pacific Plate
  14. Where is Angel falls located ? Venezuela
  15. 38th Parallel lines divides which two countries ? North Korea and South Korea
  16. Most Windy city in the world ? Wellington
  17. Wave generated during earthquake is Seismic Wave
  18. Largest Gulf area in the world ? - Gulf of Mexico
  19. Which river passes through most countries in the world ? Dnube
  20. Which country have longest coastline in the World ? - Canada

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