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Monday, April 9, 2018

World GK- Part 2- 35 Knowledge

  1. Head Office of World Bank-Washington
  2. City of Two Continents- Istanbul
  3. "Valley of Kings" is located in which country ? - Egypt
  4. Where is Andes Mountain Range ? - South America
  5. Where was Cad-bury chocolate first founded ? - Birmingham
  6. Largest state of USA ? - Alaska
  7. Iraq was also known as Mesopotmia
  8. National Intelligence Agency of Israel ? - Mossad
  9. Headquarter of google is located in California
  10. Founder of Wikileaks ? Julian Assange
  11. When was Facebook founded ? - 2004 A.D
  12. Which company used the Android Application for the first time ? HTC
  13. Diamond Capital city of the World ? -Antwerp
  14. Longest river of Europe ? -Volga
  15. Longest river of America ? - Missouri River
  16. Which city is also called Peking City ? - Beijing
  17. Capital city of North Korea ? Pyongyang
  18. When did Vietnam war ended ? -1975
  19. Capital city of Laos ? - Vientine
  20. World Largest Gold mine ? Grasberg Gold Mine located in Indonesia
  21. Highest wine producing country in the World ? -France
  22. Only African country not in African Union ? - Morocco
  23. When did UNICEF received Nobel Peace Prize ? -1965
  24. Principal Organs of United Nations ? - 5
  25. Headquarter of International Court of Justice ? -The Hague
  26. World biggest cave ? -Son Doong Cave, Vietnam
  27. World Environment Day is observed every 5th June. 
  28. International Woman's Day - 8 March
  29. Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in the city Oslo
  30. Sofia is the capital city of which country ? -Bulgaria
  31. First American President to win a Nobel Peace Prize? -Theodore Roosevelt
  32. Highest mountain of Japan- Mount Fuji
  33. Great Barrier Reef is located at Australia
  34. 50th state of USA- Hawaii
  35. Mediterranean Sea is connected to which Ocean ? -Atlantic

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