Sunday, April 8, 2018

World GK Quiz--Part 1

  1. Total number of continents in the world- 7
  2. Number of Oceans in the World - 5
  3. Largest Ocean- Pacific Ocean
  4. Smallest Ocean-Artic Ocean
  5. Dead Sea is located between which countries- Jordan and Israel
  6. Which country gifted Statue of Liberty to USA ? France
  7. Where is Bermuda Triangle ? -Atlantic Ocean
  8. Which country is also known as "Land of Midnight Sun"- Norway
  9. Play ground of Europe is - Switzerland
  10. Land of Rising Sun - Japan
  11. Land of Thousand Lakes : - Finland
  12. "Land of Thunderbolts";-Bhutan
  13. Where is White Elephant found ? - Thailand
  14. Which continent  have highest number of countries ? - Africa
  15. Country to produce large amount of tea in the world ? - China
  16. Largest coffee producing country in the World ?-Brazil
  17. Where is Suez Canal located ? - Egypt
  18. Where is Mount Etna located ? -Italy
  19. Which country is also called Battleground of Europe ? - Belgium
  20. Country of "Land of Tulips"- Netherlands
  21. Longest continental mountain range - Andes
  22. Largest tropical rain forest in the world ? - Amazon
  23. World highest altitude civilian airport - Daocheng Yading Airport, China
  24. Biggest Island in the World ? -Geenland
  25. Which mountain is also known as "Roof of the World" ? - Pamir
  26. Where is tallest waterfall "Angel Falls" located ? - Venezuela
  27. Emu bird is found in --Australia
  28. Highest number of time zones - France
  29. Continent without desert- Europe
  30. Highest altitude capital city in the world ? - La Paz, Bolivia

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