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Thursday, May 3, 2018

20 latest Questions- Gorkhapatra 19 Baisakh Quiz

  1. What is the per capita income of Nepalese as per report published by Central Statistics Bureau  in Baisakh,2075 ? - 1400 USD (Rs.106000)
  2. What is the estimated economic development of Nepal of 2074/75 as per report published by CSB , Nepal ? -5.89 %
  3. When in International Labor Day ? May 01
  4. From which year International Labor Day is celebrated ? - 1890 A.D
  5. How many cities are being planned to built in the circuit of Kathmandu ? 4
  6. What is the capacity of biggest Solar plant being built by Nepal Electricity Authority and where is it located ? 25 MW-Devighat Nuwakot
  7. Who received DADASAHEB FALKE FOUNDATION Most Versatile Actress Award 2018 ? Manisha Koirala
  8. When did Nepal celebrated 2562 Buddha Jayanti ? 2075 Baisakh 17
  9. When was International Buddha Summit was held in Nepal ?- 2075 Baisakh 15 and 16
  10. Which community in Nepal migrate their home when member of their family dies ? - RAUTE
  11. When was AMNESTY International established ? 1961 A.D May 28
  12. "PAHICHAN" prize 2018 was awarded to which writings ? "BHUIYA"- from Yagyas
  13. When did Slovenia established counselor in Nepal ? 2075 Baisakh 16 (2018 April 29)  
  14. When did National Economic Survey started first time in Nepal ?  2075 B.S Baisakh 1
  15. How many mountains are opened for climb in Nepal ? 414
  16. When did North and South Korea signed agreement to end the long war ? -2108 April 27
  17. Who won the best movie 2074 in Nepal provided by NFDC National Film Award-2074 ? Satru gate
  18. Who received Gorkhapatra National Reporters Award2075 ? Bhairav Risal
  19. As per report published by CSB in 2075 Baisakh, what is the total contribution of agriculture and forest in National GDP ? 27.10%
  20. Smallest unit which carry heredity in humans ? Gene

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