Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Gorkhapatra 16 May - Gk Nepal

  1. When did Indian PM Narendra Modi officially visited Nepal for third time ? 2075 Baisakh 28-29
  2. Until when NASA has planned to send Helicopters in Mars ? 2020 A.D
  3. Where is Humde Airport in Nepal ? Manang
  4. Where was Miss Buffalo programme was organized by Environment protection center in Nepal ? Itahari
  5. Who is the most powerful person in the World as per Forbes -2018 ? Chinese President Xi Jinping.
  6. Mani Bikram Shah is related to which game ? Football
  7. When was foundation layed in Arun III Hydro power Project ? 2075 Baisakh 27
  8. When was mobile phone first used ? 1973 A.D
  9. Who received National Journalist Prize(Rastriya Patrakarita Puruskar) 2075 ? Dr. Mahendra Bist and Dr. Rajesh Jha
  10. Ichuk Ismriti Prize 2075 is awarded to which personality ? Binod Bikram KC and Modnath Marhathha
  11. "Times Person of The Year 2017 " is awarded to The Silenece Braker
  12. "Great Oak" . When did this bird extinct from the earth ? 1850 AD
  13. In ancient time Chobar was called Kachpal Giri.
  14. Changunaryan Temple area was called Doladri Giri in Ancient period.
  15. What is the ranking of State Head in hierarchy of Nepal ? 7
  16.  World hunger Index 2017, Nepal falls in which rank ? 72
  17. Optical Character Recognization (OCR) software is related to ? Blind person to read Nepali alphabet
  18. How may Rhino are estimated to be calculated by the year 2021? 800
  19. When is World Press Freedom observed ? May 3
  20. What does Nepal rank in "Women in Politics" ? -48 (As per Inter Parliamentary union 2017)

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