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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Gorkhapatra GK 9 May Wednesday-

  1. From when Cooling Period was effective to the CEO of Insurance company for 6 months ? - 2075 Baisakh 23
  2. When did agreement between Government and Transport business personnel took place regarding ending of syndicate system ? 2075 Baisakh 23
  3.  First female CEO in Nepal Banijya bank ? Shivadevi Kafle
  4. When did Russian president took oath for fourth time as president ? - 2018 May 1
  5. Most busy air route of 2017 ? - Singapore - Kwalalampur  (AOG aviation)
  6. When did UAE established Embassay officially in Kathmandu ? 2016 May 10
  7. When is International nursing day observed ? May 12
  8. Rotation of Earth around it axis is called ? - Rotation
  9. How long do earth take to rotate on its axis ? 23 Hrs 56 Min 4.09 Sec
  10. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydro energy all are which type of Natural resources ? Renewable
  11. Natural Gas, Petrol, Coal etc are which types of Energy sources ? Non-Renewable
  12. Headquarter of Human rights office for UN ? Jeneva
  13. First Nepali shoulder to receive Victoria Cross for Britain Government ? - Kulbir Thapa
  14. Oldest Vedas ? Rigve
  15. From when Machine Readable Passport was distributed to Nepalese ? 2067 B.S Poush 11
  16. Who invented Brail for blind ? - Lui Brail
  17. Who started using B.S in Nepal ? Bikram Aditya
  18. 23.4 Degree North Latitude is called Tropic of Cancer
  19. 23.5 Degree South Latitude is called Tropic of Capricon
  20. When was NRN Organization was established in 2003 October 11
  21. World Redcross day is observed in May 8.

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