Friday, June 1, 2018

02 June - 10 Gk Quiz

1.World coldest village Oymyakon which records -62 degree C is located in which country ?- Russia
2. ICC cricketer of the year 2017 ?- Virat Koholi
3. Who won Australian Open women's single title 2018 ? - Caroline Wozniacki
4. Who won Australian Open men's single 2018 ? - Roger Federer
5. World biggest flooded cave is found in which country ?- Mexico
6. Who is only tennis player to win 20 grand slam in men's title ?- Roger Federer
7. Best movie award in oscar 2018 ?-The Shape of Water
8. Who won 2018 Abel prize ? - Mathematician Rober P. Langlands
9. World Water Day is observed on ? -22 March
10. World Homeopathy Day is observed on ? -April 10

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