Sunday, June 3, 2018

Oldest road of Nepal

1.When did Trolley Bus 🚌 service started in Nepal for first time ? - 2013 B.S
2. Who established Trolley bus service in Nepal and how much distance did it covered ?-China, 13 K.M from Tripureswor to Suryabinayak
3. From when railway service started in Nepal ?- 1993 B.S, Janakpur-Jaya Nagar,51 K.m
4. What is the length of Kathmandu Hetauda ropeway ? - 42 K.M
5. From when Manakamana Cable car started its operations ?- 2055 B.S Mangsir(Kurintar to Manakamana temple 2.8 KM).
6. What is the length of proposed Hetauda- Kathmandu tunnel highway ?- 58 Km
7. Oldest road of Nepal ?- Tribhuvan Rajpath
8. Ring road length of Kathmandu ?- 27.2 KM
9. When was radio Nepal established ?- 2007 B.S Chaitra 20
10.From when F.M radio established in Nepal ?- 2052 Asoj

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