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Friday, July 13, 2018

World Cup 2018

1.How many times France have played World Cup Final ?- 3()1998,2006 and 2018
2.In which year France won the World Cup ?-1998
3.Croatia is the smallest country to reach World Cup Final since Uruguay in 1950.
4.Croatia is the youngest nation to play a WC final with exception of W Germany.

Monday, July 9, 2018

World Cup Football 2018- Russia---

  1. When and where 21 World Cup Football is being held ? June 14- July 15, 2018, Russia
  2. How many matches will be played in Russia ? 64 Matches
  3. How many stadium will be used for World Cup 2018 ? 12 Stadium in 12 Cities
  4. How many total players are participating in Russia World Cup ? - 736 Players
  5. What is the total prize for all tournament of football ? 40 Crore US Dollar
  6. How much prize will World Cup Winner gets ? 3 Crore 80 Lakhs Dollar
  7. How many countries are participating in 2018 World Cup ? 32
  8. Name the countries from Europe to play in WC Football 2018 ? - Russia, Belgium, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Iceland, Serbia, France,Portugal, Switzerland,Croatia,Sweden and Denmark
  9. Countries to play from Asia/Australia: Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arab and Australia
  10. From Africa : Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia and Morroco
  11. North America: Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama
  12. South America: Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Peru
  13. Who is the first player to score goal in World Cup Football 2018 in Russia ? - Midfielder Yury Gazinsky (Russia)
  14. The World Cup has been played 20 times, Brazil holds the most titles with five. Italy and Germany are close behind with four each.
  15. For the first time in the history of soccer, the 2002 World Cup was held in two different countries: South Korea and Japan.

Where is 2026 World Cup Football being organized ?

  1. Who won 2075 BS Prime minister Cup Cricket Tournament ? APF Club
  2. When did Donald Trumph and Kim Jong Un signed on four points agreement ? 2018 June 12
  3.  Who has been selected as Chief Justice by Constitutional Assembly meeting of Jestha 29, 2018 ? Dipak Raj Joshi
  4. How many countries are participating in 21 World Cup football tournament in Russia ? - 32
  5. Where is 2026 World Cup Football being organized ? America, Canada and Mexico

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Top 10 country in FIFA Ranking as released in June 2018.

  1. Where did sustainable development summit of Asian countries held in 2018 ?- Tokyo
  2. When did friendly relationship Nepal and Burundi established ? - 2018 June 6 (160 Nation to establish diplomatic relations with Nepal)
  3. What is the theme of 8th National Sports of Nepal ? 8th Sports in State, Sweat and Pride in own country "
  4. What will be the Economic development rate as per the report published by World Bank in 2074/75 fiscal year ? - 6.3 %
  5. Where was G-8 summit held in 2018 ? Cubec, Canada
  6. When was Russia was removed from G-8 group ? 2014
  7. How many members do SCO (Shanghai cooperation Organizations) ?- 8 (China, Kazakstan, K
  8. When was official logo of VISIT NEPAL 2020 logo made public ? Jestha 25 2075
  9. Name the top 10 country in FIFA Ranking as released in June 2018 ? Germany, Brazil,Belgium,Portugal,Argentina,Switzerland,France,Poland, Chili and Spain)
  10. What is the length of Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road ? 2.35 K.M
  11. When was historic meeting between USA president Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea took place ? -2018 June 12 (Hotel Capola Singapore)
  12. Where is 13 SAG game going to be held ? Nepal (2019 March 9-18)

Monday, July 2, 2018

Gorkhapatra 6 June 2018...17 Questions in English

  1. Until when Nepal Government have made plan to make Nepal as "Literate Nepal" Sakchyar Nepal ?- With in 2 years as per budget 2075/76. 
  2. What is the official name of state 4 ? Gandaki State
  3. When was test flight made in Sukilumba Airport , Illam ? 2075 Jestha 21
  4. When was diplomatic relation between Nepal and country Saint Kitts and Nevis established ? 2018 May 30
  5. Where is National Museum located in Nepal ? Chauni, Kathmandu (Is the eldest Museum)
  6. From when National Museum was opened to general public ? 1995 B.S Falgun 1
  7. World's first Zero Carbon City ? Masdar City, UAE
  8. In how many years Lion and Rhino census are done in  Nepal ? 4 years
  9. Where is Manoram Gaikharkha lake in Nepal ? Myagdi
  10. World No Smoking day is observed on which date ? May 31
  11. How many compulsory subject are included in Class 9 and 10 curriculum ? 5
  12. When was Nepalese Embassy established in UAE ? 2016 May 10
  13. Optical Character Recognization  software is related to which programme ? - Nepali Alphabet for blind people
  14. What is the total electricity production of Nepal till 2074 B.S Falgun ? - 1044.6 MW(Water: 990.5, thermal Plant: 53.4 and Solar Energy: 0.7 MW)
  15. How is the public debt of Nepal ? 28, 963 as per 2074/75 Economic Survey until 2074 Falgun
  16. What is the Per Capita Income of Nepalese ? 1004 USD
  17. When did Public Commision of Nepal started using Optical Mark Reader to check the subjective exams ? 2069 B.S Bhadra 7

Sunday, July 1, 2018

GKIQ: Current gk from June 2018.

GKIQ: Current gk from June 2018.: The International Domestic Workers Day (IDWD) is observed on which date? June 16 What is the theme of the 2018 World Day to Combat Desert...

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