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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Top 10 country in FIFA Ranking as released in June 2018.

  1. Where did sustainable development summit of Asian countries held in 2018 ?- Tokyo
  2. When did friendly relationship Nepal and Burundi established ? - 2018 June 6 (160 Nation to establish diplomatic relations with Nepal)
  3. What is the theme of 8th National Sports of Nepal ? 8th Sports in State, Sweat and Pride in own country "
  4. What will be the Economic development rate as per the report published by World Bank in 2074/75 fiscal year ? - 6.3 %
  5. Where was G-8 summit held in 2018 ? Cubec, Canada
  6. When was Russia was removed from G-8 group ? 2014
  7. How many members do SCO (Shanghai cooperation Organizations) ?- 8 (China, Kazakstan, K
  8. When was official logo of VISIT NEPAL 2020 logo made public ? Jestha 25 2075
  9. Name the top 10 country in FIFA Ranking as released in June 2018 ? Germany, Brazil,Belgium,Portugal,Argentina,Switzerland,France,Poland, Chili and Spain)
  10. What is the length of Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road ? 2.35 K.M
  11. When was historic meeting between USA president Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea took place ? -2018 June 12 (Hotel Capola Singapore)
  12. Where is 13 SAG game going to be held ? Nepal (2019 March 9-18)

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