Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hindu Religion-- 10 Questions - 9 August

1.Wife of Kumbhakarna ?- Bajrajwala
2.Wife of Bedbyas ?- Pingla
3.Son of Indra ? - Jayanta
4.Three wife's of King Dasarath ?- Kausalya,Kaikai and Sumitra
5.Sixth Incarnation of Lord Bhishnu ? - Parshuram
6.Which God is also known as Parasnath ?- Pashupatinath
7.Father of Bhisma Pitamaha ?- Shantanu
8.Bow of Karna is known as ? Vijaya
9. From where Ravan kidnapped Sita ? - Panchayati
10. 6 enemies of Human ?- Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moha, Ahankar, Matsrya

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