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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Science and Technology- Part 1

  1. Father of Science ? - Albert Einstein 
  2. When was Albert Einstein born ? - 1879 March 14
  3. When was "Theory of Relativity " evolved ? 1905 A.D
  4. When did Einstein founded General Theory of Relativity ? 1915 A.D
  5. When did Einstein received Nobel Price for his contribution to Physics ? - 1921 A.D
  6. Albert Einstein refused to become the President of which country ? - Israel
  7. When did Albert Einstein died ? 18 April 1955 A.D
  8. Where is Albert Einstein brain preserved ? Princeton Hospital (USA)
  9. When and where Archimedes was born ? - 287 B.C, Greece
  10. "Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth " who said this ? Archimedes
  11. Who discovered the value of Pi ? Archimedes
  12. Sun is stable and Earth and other planets revolve around the sun , who developed this concept for the first time ? - Nicolaus Copernicus
  13. When and where did Galileo born ? 1564 A.D February 15, Pisa Italy
  14. When did Galileo discovered Telescope ? 1609 A.D
  15. Who discovered Thermometer ? Galileo
  16. When did Galileo died ? 8 January 1642
  17.  When and where Isaac Newton born ? 25 December,1642, Britain\
  18.  Father of Modern Physics ? Isaac Newton
  19. Who invented Atomic Theory ? John Dalton
  20. Which scientist is known as Prince of Experiment ? - Michael Faraday

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