Thursday, December 13, 2018

Latest Tourist Record in Nepal

1.What is the new record of tourist arrival in Nepal ? 1001930 In first 11 month of 2018.
2.How many tourist visited Nepal in 2017 ? -940000
3.Which five countries records the highest number of people visiting Nepal ? Nepal,China,America,Britain and Germany
4.How many tourist from India visited Nepal ?
1 Lakh 78000(Record of Arrival of lnternational Airport).
5.How many tourist visited from Germany ? - 34000
6. Average stay in Nepal - 14 Days
7. How much dollar is believed to be spent by tourist per day in Nepal ? - 54 USD
8. How many tourist is estimated to visit Nepal by 2020 per year ? 15 Lakh
9. Nepal government as announced  to celebrate 2020 as Visit Nepal.
10. How many tourist visited Nepal from USA ? 82000

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