Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Martyrs of Nepal, Bagmati Cleaning Campaign, Biggest and Smallest Districts of Nepal

  1. Which country stands for number one position in Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2018  ? Denmark (88 Points)
  2. Which country is most corrupted as per Transparency latest data ? Somalia (10 Points)
  3. Where does Nepal stands for corruption ranking ? 124 among 180 Nations with 31 Points
  4. Most corrupt country in South Asia ? Afghanistan (16 Points) 172............................For more information on Transparency Data click to this Link
  5. From when Nepal government started using Singhadurbar as government office ? 2007 BS.
  6. Before Government office was established in Sighadurbar, what actually it was made for ? Private House of Chandra Shumsher built in 1960 BS
  7. When did two party led by Pashupati Shumser and Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani united ? - 2075, Magh 11
  8. How many army were declared Martyrs in 2075, Magh 14 in Nepal ? 2807 (Nepal Police 1448, Army- 1018 Armed Police Force - 318 and National Investigation Bureau- 23)
  9. When was 300 week of Bagmati Cleaning campaign celebrated ? 2075 Magh 26
  10. Biggest and Smallest Districts of Different states. 
State 1 : Biggest- Taplejung Smallest- Terathum
State 2 : Biggest- Saptari Smallest- Parsa
State 3: Biggest Sindhuli Smallest- Bhaktapur
State 4 (Gandaki Pradeh): Biggest - Gorkha Smallest - Parbat
State 5 : Biggest - Dang Smallest- Nawalparasi(West)
State 6 (Karnali Pradesh): Biggest - Dolpa Smallest -Rukum(West)
State 7 (Far West ): Biggest- Bhajang Smallest- Kanchanpur

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