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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Who won the 2018 Miss Universe title ?

  1. Who won the 2018 World Cup Football Final ? -France
  2. In which game of 2018 Asian Sports Nepal won the Silver medal ? Paragliding
  3. Who won the 2018 Miss Universe title ? Catriona Gray
  4. Who is the present chief of Nepalese Army ? Purna Chandra Thapa
  5. Which poet of Nepal is also known as AYAMELI Kavi ? Tilbikram Nembang
  6. Who is known as" SANGIT PRAVIN" ? Nararaj Dhakal
  7. When was Singhadurbar  caught by fire ? - 2030 Asar 15
  8. Which soil is suitable for paddy farming ? PANGO Soil
  9. Which country aided to establish Balaju Industrial area ? America
  10. Who won Miss World 2018 title ? -Vanessa Ponce
  11. Which country help to build Prithvi Highway ? China
  12. When it was decided to set Nepali language as official government language of Nepal ? 2021 Baisakh 2
  13. What does Lhosar means for Tibetans ? New Year
  14. First privately made and released movie of Nepal ? Maitighar

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