Saturday, March 9, 2019

International Women's Day 2019 , theme ? -#BalanceforBetter

  1. When did Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump  meet for nuclear talks second time ? 2019 Feb 27 and 28, Hanoi Vietnam
  2. Which international cricket player has made record of 500 sixes in international cricket ? Chris Gayle (West Indies)
  3. International Women's Day 2019 , theme ? -#BalanceforBetter
  4. Which color is internationally recognized to symbolize women ? Purple
  5. Which color combination represent women's equality ? Green, Purple and White
  6. When is International Social Security Day observed ? February 20
  7. Which football team won the 2075 BS Aaha Rara Gold Cup football tournament ? Three Star Club
  8. "प्रधानसेनापति म्यरथोन -२०७५ " is won by which athlete ? - Krishna Basnet of Nepal Army
  9. Which country have most healthy peoples in the World as per Bloomberg latest Health based report ? Spain. 
  10. Where do Nepal stands in the report published by Bloomberg , where most healthy people in the country ? 110 out of 169 countries. 
  11. When is National Journalism Day celebrated ? Baisakh 24
  12. When did Helicopter crashed in Taplejung, Killing 7 people including Tourism Minister ?2075 Falgun 15

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