Thursday, March 14, 2019

Water ATM machine, "नेपाल -चिन पट्रोलियम खानी अन्वेषण साम्जौता ","लैंगिक समानताका लागि समान सोच र व्यवहार समृद्धिको आधार ".

  1. Where in Nepal Water ATM machine is being operated for the first time ? - Lalitpur Metropolitan City
  2. From when water ATM is introduced in Nepal ? 2075 Falgun 21
  3.  When did Nepal and China signed on "नेपाल -चिन पट्रोलियम खानी अन्वेषण साम्जौता " ? 2075 Falgun 16. 
  4. Which area will be focused for research om petroleum product ? Dailekh, Surkhet, Butwal, Palpa and Barah chetra
  5. What is the slogan for International Women's Day 2019 which was celebrated on 8 March ? Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovative for Change. 
  6. What slogan was chanted for Women'd day in 2019 in Nepal ?- "लैंगिक समानताका लागि समान सोच  र  व्यवहार समृद्धिको  आधार ". 
  7. When was Nepal Administrative Maps was made public after Federal Government ? - 2075 B.S Falgun 23
  8. Previously how many time administrative maps were made ? 2 times (2032 and 2049 B.S) before federal government. 
  9. From when planned Economic development started in Nepal ? 2013 B.S
  10. From when Educate Girl, Save Girl programme started in Province 2 in Nepal ? 2075 B.S Falgun 26
  11. When did Nepal President Vidya Devi Bhandari departed to New York to participate in "Commission Upon Status of Women" ? 2075 Falgun 26.

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