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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Ten AVATAR of Lord Bishnu ?

  1. Which bank has been awarded as Bank of The Year 2018 ? Nepal Investment Bank
  2. First human to reach space ? Uri Gagrin (1961)
  3. When was   Amnesty International established ? 1961 May 28
  4. Where is head office of Amnesty International ? London
  5. The Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) was established on ? 1974 May
  6. When did Donald Trump decided to be out from Paris Agreement ? 2017 A.D June1
  7. In the history of Nepal Bhandarkhal Parva is also known as  ? Basnet Parva
  8. When did Nepal Government decided to provide Free Visa to Chinese National ? 2072 B.S Poush 10
  9. From when Elephant Polo started in Nepal ? 1982 A.D
  10. Ten AVATAR of Lord Bishnu ? 

  1. Matsya (The Fish) 
  2. Kurma (The Tortoise) ...
  3. Varaha (The Boar) ...
  4. Narasimha (The Lion Man) ...
  5. Vamana (The Dwarf) ...
  6. Parashurama (The Lumberjack) ...
  7. Rama. ...
  8. Krishna.
  9. Buddha
  10. Kalki

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