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15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers of Nepal

The Website GK-IQ.COM contains General Knowledge of Nepal , World, Science, Sports and day to day important information in the form of simple questions and answers. These Nepal General Knowledge Questions and Answers may be useful to any individuals preparing for competitive examinations  like Lok Sewa Ayog , Banking Jobs or for different private and government related jobs.  Most general knowledge are based on politics, sports, agriculture, tourism, banking, aviation, economics, Kings, , democracy, history  of Nepal. The website have tired to collect best and right information from different source both online and offline. Please advise for any wrong information provided by this website. 

Please find the 15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers for today related to mostly Nepal and other World. ..

  1. From when Vehicle And Consignment Tracking System(VCST) was launched in Nepal for loaded vehicle ? -  Shrawan , 2076
  2. When was DDC established ?- 2026 Shrawan 1 
  3. Within how many years Monorail is estimated to run in Kathmandu, as per Kathmandu Metropolitan 2076/77 plan and programme ? - Three years
  4.  Name the Nepali lady to receive Howard Hero-2019 award ? Santoshi Basnet
  5. Where in Nepal first Network Arc Bridge is built ? Dhobikhola, Bijulibazat, Kathmandu
  6. Which Nepali animal food making company won the best award in the competition in Austria ? Himalayan Dog Chew 
  7. Where in the World hockey at highest altitude is played ? Thorangla, Mustang, Nepal
  8. Who invented volleyball ? William George Morgan 1985 AD
  9. From when Taekwando become official sport in Olympic ? From 2000 Sydney Olympic
  10. What are primary colors ? Red, Blue and Green
  11. Which mountain is called the roof of Africa ? Kilimanjaro
  12. Nipa virus was first observed in ? 1998 AD Malaysia
  13. Where in Eldest National Museum of Nepal located ? Chauni, Kathmandu\
  14. Where is Nepal and Asian Learning Center ? Tribhuwan University, Kritipur
  15. Who is the newly elected president of European Commission ? Ursula von der Leyen

15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Nepal

  1. From when Vehicle And Consignment Tracking System(VCST) was launched in Nepal for loaded vehicle ? -  Shrawan , 2076
  2. When was DDC established ?- 2026 Shrawan 1 
  3. Within how many years Monorail is estimated to run in Kathmandu, as per Kathmandu Metropolitan 2076/77 plan and programme ? - Three years
  4.  Name the Nepali lady to receive Howard Hero-2019 award ? Santoshi Basnet
  5. Where in Nepal first Network Arc Bridge is built ? Dhobikhola, Bijulibazat, Kathmandu
  6. Which Nepali animal food making company won the best award in the competition in Austria ? Himalayan Dog Chew 
  7. Where in the World hockey at highest altitude is played ? Thorangla, Mustang, Nepal
  8. Who invented volleyball ? William George Morgan 1985 AD
  9. From when Taekwando become official sport in Olympic ? From 2000 Sydney Olympic
  10. What are primary colors ? Red, Blue and Green
  11. Which mountain is called the roof of Africa ? Kilimanjaro
  12. Nipa virus was first observed in ? 1998 AD Malaysia
  13. Where in Eldest National Museum of Nepal located ? Chauni, Kathmandu\
  14. Where is Nepal and Asian Learning Center ? Tribhuwan University, Kritipur
  15. Who is the newly elected president of European Commission ? Ursula von der Leyen

This website  consist of  more and more general knowledge questions and answers about Nepal. These general knowledge are about politics, sports, agriculture, tourism, banking, airplane, economics, kings, Ranas, democracy, history of Nepal. Get them and make your general knowledge about Nepal better. These are the questions and answers of lok sewa ayog examination in Nepal. These all questions and answers of lok sewa ayog examination in Nepal will help you in lok sewa aayog Nepal exam preparation as well. 

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"DOS" stand for, GK Nepal

  1. The saffron colour in the national flag signifies  ?Courage and Sacrifice
  2. The oil used in the froth floatation process is ? -Pine Oil
  3.  The letters, "DOS" stand for ? Disk Operating System
  4. Which district map resembles to map of Nepal ? - Baglung
  5. Biggest International Financial institute ? World Bank

GK questions from important Inventions in physics and Chemistry

GK questions from important Inventions in physics and Chemistry
Anderson         Discovered positive electrons.
Archimedes         Discovery of the Principles of lever and of specific gravity; invention of the famous Archimedean screw.
Avogadro          An Italian scientist known for Avogadro’s Hypothesis.
Bacquerel  Radio-activity of uranium.
Baird             Television.
Baron Napier   Logarithms.
Benjamin Franklin Invented lightning conductor.
Steel smelting process.
Bhabha, Dr H.J.   Research in Cosmic rays and Quantum theory.
Binet                   Intelligence Test.
Birbal Sahni      Researches in Botany.
Bose, J.C.            Invented Crescograph and published many works on plant physiology. He discovered that plants have sense and perception.
Bose, S.N.           Discovery of a group of nuclear particles named after him “Boson”.
Boyle                  Boyle’s law; Pressure x volume = constant at a constant given temperature. Boyle was the greatest scientist of England in his time.
Bohr                   Electron Theory—Atomic structure.
Braun, Dr Wernher vonspace flying.
Bunsen                       Invention of the spectroscope.
Carothers                   Nylon plastics.
Cavendish                    Discovery of chemical composition of water; discovery of hydrogen (Inflammable Air); ‘rare gases’.
Chadwick                     Discovery of the neutron.
Chandrasekhar             Mathematical Astrophysics.
Charles Darwin            Theory of Evolution; Origin of Species.
Clarke, Arthur C.         Concept of Geostationary Orbit.
Curie, Madame           Discovery of radium.
Dalton                        Atomic theory; laws of chemical combination; law of partial pressures; the law of multiple proportions.
Democritus                  Greek philosopher—(Atomic theory).
Dewar                        Invented cordite, liquid oxygen and introduced thermos flask.
Theory of relativity.
Euclid                           Science of geometry.
Fahrenheit                    Fahrenheit mercury thermometric scale in which freezing point is –32° and boiling point is 212°.
Faraday                       Electromagnetic induction and laws of electrolysis.
Fermi                           Discovered artificial splitting of atoms.
Freud                          Doctrine of Psycho-analysis.
Gay Lussac                 Law of gases.
Gauss                          System of absolute electric measurements.
Good Year                  Discovered the art of vulcanising rubber.
Herschel, William          Discovered the Planet—Uranus.
Hertz                          Electrical waves.
Founder of scientific astronomy.
Discovered the first aniline dye.
Kelvin, Lord                  Dynamical theory of heat.
Khorana, Dr Hargobind Deciphering the genetic code.
Kodak                          Film and photographic goods.
Lablanc                          Manufacture of washing soda.
Lawrence                      Invention of cyclotron.
Helium gas.
Louis Braille                   Perfected his system of reading and writing for the blind
Marconi                         Wireless telegraphy; radio.
Maria-Montessori            ‘Montessori’ method of teaching children.
Maxwell                          Electro-magnetic Theory of Light.
Meghnad Saha                 Effect of pressure on Radiation through bodies.
Mendel                            Laws of heredity.
Mandeleev                       Periodic Table.
Morse                               Morse system of electric telegraphy.
Newton                             Laws of gravitation; Law of Motion.
Nobel                            Dynamite.
Oliver Lodge                      Physicist. Researches in wireless communications.
Oppenheimer                     Researches in atomic theory.
Otto Hahn                          Discovery of uranium fission.
Parkes                              Celluloid.
Parsons                            Steam turbine.
Pavlov                                 Theory of Conditioned Reflex.
Perkin                                ‘Mauve dye’.
Pitman                                  Founded the Pitman system of phonographic shorthand.
Planck                                   Quantum theory.
Plimsoll                                  Introduced a line of demarcation on the ships beyond which the ships cannot be loaded.
Priestley                               Discovery of Oxygen.
Raman, C.V.                          “Raman Effect” on polarisation of light and theories on crystals and diamond formation.
Ramanathan                           Molecular scattering of light in fluids.
Ramanujam                            A great Indian mathematician.
Ramsay                                  Discovery of Inert gases such as Argon, Neon, Helium etc.
Ray, P.C.                                 Researches in chemistry.
Regnault                                   Experiments in regard to the physical properties of bodies and their relation to heat.
Roger Bacon                          Gun powder.
Rontgen                                  Discovery of X-rays.
Rohmkorff                               Induction coil.
Rutherford                                Atomic Research; succeeded in splitting the atom for the first time in 1918.
Shalimar                           Paints.
Stephenson                              British engineer and pioneer in Railways. He was the first to put a locomotive on the line that was able to draw a train of 31 carriages.
Thomson, J.J.                            Discovered electron.
Travers                                     Discovery of Neon gas (Working with Ramsay).
Urey                                        Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen.
Volta                                       Current electricity and electric battery. Sources:

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25 July 2019...GK Nepal....GKIQ...NEPAL GK

  1. Who won 2018 World Cup Football Final ? - France
  2. In which field of sports Nepal won the Silver medal in Asian Games 2018 ? - Paragliding\
  3. Who won the 2018 Miss Universe title ? - Catriona Gray of the Philippines
  4. Who won the 2018 Miss World title ?  Venessa Ponce , Mexico
  5. Who is the army chief of Nepal ? Purna Chandra Thapa
  6. "Sangit Pravin" is known as Nararaj Dhakal, Who is known as "Ayameli" Poet of Nepal ? Tilbikram Nembang
  7. When did Sighadurbar catched fire ? 2030 B.S Asar 25
  8. Whose crown is offered to Lord Shiva? Buddha
  9. Who is the president of National Assembly  of Nepal ? Ganesh Timilsina
  10. How much distance do light travel in 1 sec ? 300000 KM
  11. Which soil is best for Paddy farming ? Pango Mato
  12. Which country funded for building east west highway ? China
  13. Which country helped to established Balaju Industrial area ? America
  14. "I am the state" which king quote is this ? Lui Fourteen
  15. From when Nepali become official language to be use in Government offices? 2021 Baisakh 2
  16. Who become second prime minister to visit London  after Junga Bahadur? Chandra Shumser
  17. As per Tibetan Calendar Lhosar means ? New Year
  18. First Nepali movie made by private sector ? Maitighar
  19. What is the traditional dance of Buddha Dharma called ? Charya Dance
  20. When was UNESCO established ? 1946 AD
  21. Who is called the father of electricity ? Michael Faraday
  22. Which river is called the "Sorrow of Bengal" ? Koshi River
  23. Who is first women to reach space ? - Valentina Tereshkova
  24. What is length of Nepal longest river ? 507 KM
  25. Where is the source of Indrawati river ? Langtang Himal
  26. Where in Nepal Kakre Bihar located ? Surkhet
  27. Who is called the father of History ? Herodotus
  28. Who is the first king of Malla Dynasty ? Ari Malla
  29. Who built Krishna Temple ? Siddhi Narasigha Malla
  30. Where in Nepal National Climate Summit (राष्ट्रिय जलबायु सम्मेलन ) was organized ?  2075 Possh 16 and 17 , Gufadanda, Melamchi Municipality
  31. Under whose supervision 10 new cities are being built in Central Hilly Public Road? Central Government.
  32. Name the 10 cities being developed as new cities in Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga? Phidim of Panchthar, Basantapur of Trathum, Khurkot of Sindhuli,baireni of Dhading, Burtibang of Baglung,Rakamkarnali of Dailekh,Chaurjhari of Rukum, Sanfebangar of Achham, Patan of Baitadi and Dumre of Tanahu
  33. From when chief justice Cholendra Shumsher Jabara started his tenure ? 2075 Poush 18
  34. When was 15 Crow Summit organized in Ratnapark of Kathmandu ? 2075 B.S Kartik 19
  35. When did meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un happened? 2018 June12
  36. Longest lunar eclipse of 21 century ? 2018 July 28
  37. What was the duration of longest lunar eclipse of 21 century ? 3 hrs 45 min
  38. Longest Lunar eclipse is also known as ? Blood Moon
  39. Which is the most spoken language in the world ? Chinese
  40. Which is the second and third most spoken language in the world? Spanish and English
  41. Nepal stands in which position for the risk created by climate change ? Fourth
  42. When was Chitwan National Park of Nepal declared plastic free zone ? - 2075 B.S Poush 17
  43. When was Tea Survey Report made public ? 2075 B.S Asar 29
  44. Which district of Nepal has highest production of tea ? Jhapa
  45. In how many district commercial tea farming is done in Nepal ? - 14
  46. How many tea farm are there in Nepal as per Tea Survey Report 2075 ? 9236
  47. Nepal rank in which position for producing ginger in the World ? Third ()2018
  48. Which city in the World have highest number of population ? Tokyo
  49. When and where world city summit was organized? 2018 July 8-12 Singapore
  50. When did Nepal Government gifted pair of Rhino to China  ? 2075 Asar 28 (2018 July 12)
  51. Where in the world Hydrogen rail was operated ? Germany (2018 September 2018)
  52. When did Nepal government made public the 100 destination for tourism ? 2075 Kartik 15
  53. As per the report published by Lonely Planet (Travel Portal), Kathmandu stands in which rank for the 2019 must visit cities in the world ? 5th
  54. Which is the Nepal third cable car established by private sector ? Kalinchowk Cable car (Dolakha)
  55. From when Kalinchowk Cable car operated ? 2075 Kartik 17
  56. Bio Village Sample programme is organized in which district of Nepal for the first time ? Tanahu
  57. What is the per liter pollution control fee in Nepal in Diesel and Petrol ? 50 Paisa
  58. When did historic meeting between South and North Korea prime minister took place? 2018 April 27.
  59. What is the estimated financial growth in next three years as per Global Economic Prospectus ?- 6 Percentage per year
  60. From when ATM machine started ? 1967 AD
  61. Who invented ATM machine ? Jhon Shepard Baron
  62. ATM machine was also known as ...? Hole in the Wall
  63. Which bank in Nepal first introduce ATM  ? Himalayan Bank
  64. What is credit crunch ? A credit crunch is an economic condition in which investment capital is hard to secure. 
  65. From when Labor permission is issued from state 2 and 5  ? 2075 Poush 22
  66. From when Earthquake Day is observed in Nepal ? 2055 B.S
  67. When in National Earthquake Day Observed ? Magh 2 of every year
  68. 1990 B.S earthquake in Nepal was very destructive, on which date did the earthquake hit Nepal ? 1990 B.S Magh 2
  69. When is the theme of National Yoga Day- 2075 ? Yoga for Peace and Prosperity
  70. As per Nepal Tourism Board how many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 ? 1173072
  71. How many tourist visited Nepal in the year 2015 A.D when Earthquake hit Nepal? 538970
  72. Who is the first lady president in United Nation Assembly ? Bijaya Laxmi Pandit (1953 AD)
  73. How many district of Nepal are literate ? 47 out 77 in 2075 B.S
  74. When did Sekh Hasina become the prime minister of Nepal for the fourth time ? 2019 A.D January 7
  75. Which country become the first Asian country to win test cricket match in Australia ? India
  76. From when Nepal television started broadcasting news in Sanskrit once in a wek ? 2075 Asoj 6
  77. Where is Dahare Deurali where open zoo is being built ? Parbat
  78. Where in Nepal Buddhist Travel Mart was organized for the first time ? Lumbini (2075 Poush 26)
  79. What is the ancient traditional method of treatment by herbs in Himalayan region of Nepal called ? Amchi
  80. Which grain is the world oldest grain ? Soyabean
  81. Where in the world public transport is completely free of cost ? Luxomberg
  82. Which state in Nepal has announced to provide Agriculture Hero and Heroine award to attaract people in agriculture ? - Karnali Pradesh
  83. The science  study of animals is called Zoology 
  84. Name the top five most populated city in the world ? 
  • Tokyo (3 Crore 83 Lakh)
  • Delhi 2 C 79 L
  • Shanghai 2 C 59 L
  • Beijing 2 C 28 L
  • Mumbai 2 C 20 L 

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21 July 2019- GK Nepal-nepal ko gk

  1. Which district produces highest amount of Coffee in Nepal as per Commercial Coffee Farming survey ? Kavrepalanchowk. 
  2. Which district produce second and third highest amount of coffee in Nepal ? Syangja ans Sindhupalchowk
  3. How many farmers are doing commercial coffee farming in Nepal with more than 50 coffee plant ? - 6346
  4. In how many district coffee farming is being done in Nepal ? 32
  5. Which country won ACC U-19 Eastern Region Cricket Tournament ? Nepal
  6. For which tournament Nepal become eligible to play after winning ACC U-19 tournament ? Asia Cup Cricket in 2019.
  7. National ID card is distributed in how many district in coming days in Nepal ? 15

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20 July 2018, Current Affair- Gk Nepal-gk questions related to Nepal

  1. How many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 AD as per financial survey 2075/76 ? 1173072
  2. How many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 AD by means of Air Transport ? 82.8 %
  3. How many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 AD by means of  Road Transport ? 17.2 %
  4. From where maximum tourist entered Nepal coming through road ? Beliha (Bhairawaha) which is 82.3%)..second is Timure (Rasuwa)
  5. "LOLUFERA" is related to what ? -WALK Travel.
  6. Maximum tourist in Nepal come for what reason , as per financial survey 2075/76 ? Entertainment (60%)
  7. What percent of tourist visited Nepal in 2018 for the purpose of Mountaineering and Trekking ?-16%
  8. How many tourist visited Nepal for religious purpose in 2018 ? 14.4 %
  9. Which Nepalese actress won the Performer Award in SAARC film festival 2019 organized in Srilanka from July 2 to July 7, 2019 ? Swatima Khadka
  10. How many movie form Nepal represented in "SAARC Film Festival 2019 " ? - 3 (Bulbul, Prasad and Hari)
  11. Who was recently nominated in National Sports Council as secretariat ? - Ramesh Silwal (2076 Asar 23)
  12. Who won the Women's Football World cup 2019 , held in Leon, France ? USA
  13. Who won the second title in Women's Football World cup 2019 ? Netherland
  14. What amount of prize did Women's World Cup football 2019 champions won ? -4 Million US dollar
  15. What is the rank of Nepal in World peace ranking 2019 ? 76
  16. Which is the most peaceful country in the World in 2019, as per report published by Think Tank Institute for Economics and Peace based in Australia ?  - Iceland
  17. What rank do Afghanistan stand on World Peace ranking ? 163
  18. Which is the most peaceful country in SAARC ? Bhutan with 15 in rank followed by Nepal (76, Srilanka(72), Bangladesh 101, India 141 and Pakistan 153
  19. From when US government banned US citizens to visit Cuba ? 2019 July 4
  20. Where in Nepal Tanker Calibration Tower has been established by Nepal Quality and Weight Department ? Hetauda from 2076 Asar 20
  21. When did Nepal Rastriya Bank issued notice regarding compulsory provision of Nepali language in ATM ?- 2076 Jestha 5 
  22. "Tourism Information Center" is established in which place of Nepal from 2076 Asar 18 ? Thamel (Kathmandu)
  23. What is the medical programme on local level for people suffered by Natural disaster called ? Operation Nitangle
  24. Where is Kirat Museum located in Nepal ? Halesi , Khotang
  25. From when world wide campaign started for the purpose to save the Indigenous and ethnic group of Nepal ? 2076 Asar 15 (From Thailand)
  26. Which cricketer in Cricket World cup  scored 5 centuries in same world cup  ? - Rohit Sharma
  27. Who won the 2019 Cricket World Cup final ? - England
  28. Who clinch the second title for 2019 Cricket World Cup final ? - New Zealand
  29. 2019 G-20 summit was organized in which country ? Osaka, Japan
  30. How many members are there in G-20 ? 20
  31. Name the mountaineer who break the record of fastest climb to Mount Everest ? - Mingma Dorji Sherpa
  32. Mingma Dorji Sherpa achieved the record in how many hours for fastest climb to Mount Everest ? 6 Hours 1 Min
  33. First Financial Census of Nepal result was published on which date ?- 2076 Asar 16
  34. From when financial census started in Nepal by Central Bureau of Statistics ? 2075 Baisakh 1
  35. Which district in Nepal has highest number of Industries ? Kathmandu (70.9 %followed by Jhapa 13.5 %)
  36. Which SAARC country have most Forest area ? Bhutan and Least is Pakistan
  37. What percentage of World area is covered by forest  ? - 30.8
  38. What position Nepal holds in "Doing Business Report- 2019" ? 110

gk related to nepal -gk questions related to nepal- gk question related to nepal- gk questions of nepal with answers
Which cricketer scored 20000 runs in less inning in one day international cricket ? Virat Kohli

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New method for predicting monsoon.

1. Which new method has been identified for predicting monsoon? Beryllium- 7.

Lucrezia Terzi, a researcher at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCKCEN), has come up with a new way of predicting the monsoon at a science and technology conference organised in Vienna by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO). The new method measures how much Beryllium--7 (an isotope of the element Beryllium) is present in the air. The Be-7 is chosen because it is created only in the stratosphere, when cosmic rays hiit and break the nuclei of nitrogen and oxygen. Due to the sun warming the oceans differently at different latitudes, and the spin of the earth, water -bearing air moves up and down in circular fashions, which is the basic cause of the monsoons. When air flows down from the stratosphere (upwards of 33,000 feet from the earth’s surface), it brings with it some Be-7. That makes the strong connection between the amount of Be-7 and the timing of monsoon. 

11 July 2019 GK Nepal Current Affairs-gk nepali questions

1.An 18-year old girl from Nepal named Bandana set a Guinness World Records on ‘Longest Dancing Marathon by an Individual’. She danced exclusively to Nepalese music continuously for 126 hours (over five days). 

2.5th Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Media Summit on Climate Action and Disaster Preparedness began from 25- 26 April 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

3. Nepal’s first satellite NepaliSat-1 was launched into space from the Virginia-based station of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 

4.The US-based organisation Health Effects Institute (HEI) has released the State of Global Air 2019... South Asia viz. Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan is the most polluted region, with over 1.5 million air-pollution-related deaths.

5.The Global Energy Transition index 2019 report has been released by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The index compares the energy sectors of 115 countries. Among the Asian Countries, Malaysia is ranked highest at 31st, Sri Lanka is 60th, Bangladesh 90th and Nepal 93rd.

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03 July, GK Nepal

  1. When did American based Space X company launched 24 satellite at once to the space ? -2019 A.D June 25
  2. Pupsalal National Prize-2075 is provided to ? Lok Krishna Bhattrai, Dr. Narad Wagle, Dr. Rajendra Bimal
  3. Which cricketer have score fastest 20000 runs , in 417 innings ? - Birat Kohli
  4. From when DNA test of animals started in Nepal ? 2074 Posh 4
  5. How many kilometer of rail track is estimated to being built on next one decade? 800 km
  6. Where is Powua Bhanjyang located ? Panchthar (Nepal)
  7. Youngest district of Nepal ? Rukum East
  8. When was Biratnagar and Birgunj declared Metropolitan city ? 2074 Jestha 17
  9. How many student scored GPA 3.60 to 4 in SEE examination 2075 ? 16882
  10. When was Data Center Summit organized for the first time in Nepal ? 2076 ASAR

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