Saturday, July 27, 2019

15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers about Nepal

  1. From when Vehicle And Consignment Tracking System(VCST) was launched in Nepal for loaded vehicle ? -  Shrawan , 2076
  2. When was DDC established ?- 2026 Shrawan 1 
  3. Within how many years Monorail is estimated to run in Kathmandu, as per Kathmandu Metropolitan 2076/77 plan and programme ? - Three years
  4.  Name the Nepali lady to receive Howard Hero-2019 award ? Santoshi Basnet
  5. Where in Nepal first Network Arc Bridge is built ? Dhobikhola, Bijulibazat, Kathmandu
  6. Which Nepali animal food making company won the best award in the competition in Austria ? Himalayan Dog Chew 
  7. Where in the World hockey at highest altitude is played ? Thorangla, Mustang, Nepal
  8. Who invented volleyball ? William George Morgan 1985 AD
  9. From when Taekwando become official sport in Olympic ? From 2000 Sydney Olympic
  10. What are primary colors ? Red, Blue and Green
  11. Which mountain is called the roof of Africa ? Kilimanjaro
  12. Nipa virus was first observed in ? 1998 AD Malaysia
  13. Where in Eldest National Museum of Nepal located ? Chauni, Kathmandu\
  14. Where is Nepal and Asian Learning Center ? Tribhuwan University, Kritipur
  15. Who is the newly elected president of European Commission ? Ursula von der Leyen

This website  consist of  more and more general knowledge questions and answers about Nepal. These general knowledge are about politics, sports, agriculture, tourism, banking, airplane, economics, kings, Ranas, democracy, history of Nepal. Get them and make your general knowledge about Nepal better. These are the questions and answers of lok sewa ayog examination in Nepal. These all questions and answers of lok sewa ayog examination in Nepal will help you in lok sewa aayog Nepal exam preparation as well. 

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