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Thursday, July 25, 2019

25 July 2019...GK Nepal....GKIQ...NEPAL GK

  1. Who won 2018 World Cup Football Final ? - France
  2. In which field of sports Nepal won the Silver medal in Asian Games 2018 ? - Paragliding\
  3. Who won the 2018 Miss Universe title ? - Catriona Gray of the Philippines
  4. Who won the 2018 Miss World title ?  Venessa Ponce , Mexico
  5. Who is the army chief of Nepal ? Purna Chandra Thapa
  6. "Sangit Pravin" is known as Nararaj Dhakal, Who is known as "Ayameli" Poet of Nepal ? Tilbikram Nembang
  7. When did Sighadurbar catched fire ? 2030 B.S Asar 25
  8. Whose crown is offered to Lord Shiva? Buddha
  9. Who is the president of National Assembly  of Nepal ? Ganesh Timilsina
  10. How much distance do light travel in 1 sec ? 300000 KM
  11. Which soil is best for Paddy farming ? Pango Mato
  12. Which country funded for building east west highway ? China
  13. Which country helped to established Balaju Industrial area ? America
  14. "I am the state" which king quote is this ? Lui Fourteen
  15. From when Nepali become official language to be use in Government offices? 2021 Baisakh 2
  16. Who become second prime minister to visit London  after Junga Bahadur? Chandra Shumser
  17. As per Tibetan Calendar Lhosar means ? New Year
  18. First Nepali movie made by private sector ? Maitighar
  19. What is the traditional dance of Buddha Dharma called ? Charya Dance
  20. When was UNESCO established ? 1946 AD
  21. Who is called the father of electricity ? Michael Faraday
  22. Which river is called the "Sorrow of Bengal" ? Koshi River
  23. Who is first women to reach space ? - Valentina Tereshkova
  24. What is length of Nepal longest river ? 507 KM
  25. Where is the source of Indrawati river ? Langtang Himal
  26. Where in Nepal Kakre Bihar located ? Surkhet
  27. Who is called the father of History ? Herodotus
  28. Who is the first king of Malla Dynasty ? Ari Malla
  29. Who built Krishna Temple ? Siddhi Narasigha Malla
  30. Where in Nepal National Climate Summit (राष्ट्रिय जलबायु सम्मेलन ) was organized ?  2075 Possh 16 and 17 , Gufadanda, Melamchi Municipality
  31. Under whose supervision 10 new cities are being built in Central Hilly Public Road? Central Government.
  32. Name the 10 cities being developed as new cities in Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga? Phidim of Panchthar, Basantapur of Trathum, Khurkot of Sindhuli,baireni of Dhading, Burtibang of Baglung,Rakamkarnali of Dailekh,Chaurjhari of Rukum, Sanfebangar of Achham, Patan of Baitadi and Dumre of Tanahu
  33. From when chief justice Cholendra Shumsher Jabara started his tenure ? 2075 Poush 18
  34. When was 15 Crow Summit organized in Ratnapark of Kathmandu ? 2075 B.S Kartik 19
  35. When did meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un happened? 2018 June12
  36. Longest lunar eclipse of 21 century ? 2018 July 28
  37. What was the duration of longest lunar eclipse of 21 century ? 3 hrs 45 min
  38. Longest Lunar eclipse is also known as ? Blood Moon
  39. Which is the most spoken language in the world ? Chinese
  40. Which is the second and third most spoken language in the world? Spanish and English
  41. Nepal stands in which position for the risk created by climate change ? Fourth
  42. When was Chitwan National Park of Nepal declared plastic free zone ? - 2075 B.S Poush 17
  43. When was Tea Survey Report made public ? 2075 B.S Asar 29
  44. Which district of Nepal has highest production of tea ? Jhapa
  45. In how many district commercial tea farming is done in Nepal ? - 14
  46. How many tea farm are there in Nepal as per Tea Survey Report 2075 ? 9236
  47. Nepal rank in which position for producing ginger in the World ? Third ()2018
  48. Which city in the World have highest number of population ? Tokyo
  49. When and where world city summit was organized? 2018 July 8-12 Singapore
  50. When did Nepal Government gifted pair of Rhino to China  ? 2075 Asar 28 (2018 July 12)
  51. Where in the world Hydrogen rail was operated ? Germany (2018 September 2018)
  52. When did Nepal government made public the 100 destination for tourism ? 2075 Kartik 15
  53. As per the report published by Lonely Planet (Travel Portal), Kathmandu stands in which rank for the 2019 must visit cities in the world ? 5th
  54. Which is the Nepal third cable car established by private sector ? Kalinchowk Cable car (Dolakha)
  55. From when Kalinchowk Cable car operated ? 2075 Kartik 17
  56. Bio Village Sample programme is organized in which district of Nepal for the first time ? Tanahu
  57. What is the per liter pollution control fee in Nepal in Diesel and Petrol ? 50 Paisa
  58. When did historic meeting between South and North Korea prime minister took place? 2018 April 27.
  59. What is the estimated financial growth in next three years as per Global Economic Prospectus ?- 6 Percentage per year
  60. From when ATM machine started ? 1967 AD
  61. Who invented ATM machine ? Jhon Shepard Baron
  62. ATM machine was also known as ...? Hole in the Wall
  63. Which bank in Nepal first introduce ATM  ? Himalayan Bank
  64. What is credit crunch ? A credit crunch is an economic condition in which investment capital is hard to secure. 
  65. From when Labor permission is issued from state 2 and 5  ? 2075 Poush 22
  66. From when Earthquake Day is observed in Nepal ? 2055 B.S
  67. When in National Earthquake Day Observed ? Magh 2 of every year
  68. 1990 B.S earthquake in Nepal was very destructive, on which date did the earthquake hit Nepal ? 1990 B.S Magh 2
  69. When is the theme of National Yoga Day- 2075 ? Yoga for Peace and Prosperity
  70. As per Nepal Tourism Board how many tourist visited Nepal in 2018 ? 1173072
  71. How many tourist visited Nepal in the year 2015 A.D when Earthquake hit Nepal? 538970
  72. Who is the first lady president in United Nation Assembly ? Bijaya Laxmi Pandit (1953 AD)
  73. How many district of Nepal are literate ? 47 out 77 in 2075 B.S
  74. When did Sekh Hasina become the prime minister of Nepal for the fourth time ? 2019 A.D January 7
  75. Which country become the first Asian country to win test cricket match in Australia ? India
  76. From when Nepal television started broadcasting news in Sanskrit once in a wek ? 2075 Asoj 6
  77. Where is Dahare Deurali where open zoo is being built ? Parbat
  78. Where in Nepal Buddhist Travel Mart was organized for the first time ? Lumbini (2075 Poush 26)
  79. What is the ancient traditional method of treatment by herbs in Himalayan region of Nepal called ? Amchi
  80. Which grain is the world oldest grain ? Soyabean
  81. Where in the world public transport is completely free of cost ? Luxomberg
  82. Which state in Nepal has announced to provide Agriculture Hero and Heroine award to attaract people in agriculture ? - Karnali Pradesh
  83. The science  study of animals is called Zoology 
  84. Name the top five most populated city in the world ? 
  • Tokyo (3 Crore 83 Lakh)
  • Delhi 2 C 79 L
  • Shanghai 2 C 59 L
  • Beijing 2 C 28 L
  • Mumbai 2 C 20 L 

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