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Saturday, August 10, 2019

10 Aug 2019 , GK Nepal

  1. Where in Nepal China-Nepal Friendship Industrial park is being planned to built ? - Damak (Jhapa)
  2. Which are the top five happy countries in World Happiness Report- 2019 released by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ? - 1. Finland 2. Denmark 3. Norway 4. Iceland and 5. Netherlands
  3. Which are the top five sad countries in World Happiness Report- 2019 released by Sustainable Development Solutions Network ?- 1. South Sudan 2. Central African Republic 3. Afghanistan 4. Tanzania 5. Ruwanda
  4. When was Central Cyber Bureau was established in Nepal ? 2076 Baisakh 29
  5. What are the name of two Rhino gifted to China ? Rupsi and Bhadra
  6. When were Rupsi and Bhadra gifted to China ? 2075 Asar 28
  7. New Capital of Kazakhstan ? Nur Sultan
  8. What was old capital name of Kazakhstan ? - Astana
  9. When was the Kazakhstan capital Astana was changed to Nur Sultan ? 2019 March 23
  10. \When did American President Donald Trump announced to return back American shoulders from Syria ? - 2018 December 19
  11. Love Waves  is related to ? Earthquake
  12. What is the new trekking route name of Langtang  Trails?- Prahalad Yonjon Redpanda Trails
  13. World Best teacher of the world  2019 ? Peter Nawachi (Kenya)
  14. When was series of Bomb attack took place in Srilanka ? - 20196 April 21
  15. World Famine Index 2019 ? Nepal stands in 72 position

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15 General Knowledge Questions and Answers of Nepal

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