Saturday, August 3, 2019

Current affairs 03 August 2019..GK Nepal

  1. What is ISO 5000 quality assurance related to ? Solar Management
  2. What is ISO 50000 trademark related to ? Social Security Management
  3. Where in the world paddy farming is done in highest altitude ? Jumla (Nepal)
  4. "2011-2020 " UN decade is observed as ? Biodiversity Decade
  5. What is the online payment tax system of Nepal called ? Connect IPS (2075 Baisakh)
  6. Which king has ruled for long time in the history of world ? Bhumibol Adulyadej (Thailand) 70 years
  7. What rate of economic growth is prospected in the World as per report International Monetary Fund ? 3.2%
  8. World Tiger Day is observed on ? - July 29
  9. Which state has highest area of forest in Nepal ? - State 3
  10. How many fundamental rights are there in Nepal constitution ? 31

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