Wednesday, February 12, 2020

January 01 : America Millennium Challenge Compact; Pokhara Primeir League T-20; Nepal Pragya Nepali Sahitya Puruskar 2076; Nepal breeding center of Panda;NABIL hero Award 2076

  1. When was agreement between Nepal government and America Millennium Challenge Compact done ? - Bhadra 29, 2074 BS.
  2. How much money America will aid as per MCC ? 55 Arba Rupees
  3. In which sector Nepal has planned to invest the MCC aid money ? Electricity distribution line and Improvement of roads. 
  4. Who won Pokhara Primeir League T-20 ? Chitwan Rhinos
  5. Form which district Kiwi farming started in Nepal ? Dolakha
  6. When is industry day celebrated in Nepal ? Mangsir 9
  7. Who won the NABIL hero Award 2076 ? Nirmal Purja
  8. Name the first Nepal FolkStar ? Sani Biwsakarma
  9. Who received sixth integrity Icon award 2019 ? Kajiman Rai
  10. Where and when Asian Police summit was held? Kathmandu (2076 B.S 7-9)
  11. Who received Nepal Pragya Nepali Sahitya Puruskar 2076 ? Bhagirathi Shrestha
  12. Where in the world for the first time flying car is built ? America
  13. How many mountains are open for climbing in Nepal ? 415
  14. Where in Nepal breeding center of Panda is established ? Sandakpur, Ilam
  15. Who is Marquee player in the team ? Exceptionally popular and skilled player

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